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Bad News Bears(ish) win MyBookie Battle Series 2 over Brazenish
junior was sidelined by the age requirement.
Written by: theroadtodrwaldo    September 3rd 2021 2:47 pm    #MyBookie #BattleSeries2 #BadNewsBears #Brazen #GoofyGoobers #Manyakolz  

The Gaming Stadium hosted the second iteration of their MyBookie Battle Series 2, a 21+ event with a $4,000 prize pool that was dominated by Bad News Bears. Their slightly modified roster swept the slightly modified Brazen roster to claim the $1,500 grand prize.

The Gaming Stadium announce MyBookie Battle Series 2

Since the event was for participants age 21 years or older, Paytyn "junior" Johnson fell a year short of completing the Bad News Bears roster, so the team fielded "krayvok" instead. Even without their AWPer the Bad News Bears battered Brazen in the grand final, 16-8 on Ancient and 16-2 on Overpass.

The final event standings for MyBookie Battle Series 2 are:

1. us Bad News Bears (Jonji, Spongey, Swisher, Shakezullah, krayvok) - $1,500
2. us Brazen (heretic, Izik, pengax, Sway, Solgoat) - $1,100
3-4. us goofy goobers (brett, walker, SummY, hyza, Andrew) - $700
3-4. us Manyakolz (redempti0n, -Life-, Pooky, yooL-, TEEEEJAAAAAY-) - $700

The remainder of the bracket can be found here.

MyBookie Battles Series 3 is currently scheduled for September 25-26th. Interested teams of 21+ players can register here.

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