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Recon 5 add Slovenian coach as they look for new home
Due to unfortunate circumstances, the organization has ceased operations.
Written by: Mnmzzz    August 19th 2021 12:22 pm     #ESEAPremierSeason38 #Recon5 #SATURN #SLIGHT #AAustiN #J0LZ #stamina #mindtr6cks  

Recon 5 are currently on the lookout for a new home for ESEA Premier Season 38 and upcoming events, as according to a source within the team Recon 5 has ceased operations and is no longer able to support the lineup. While the team search for a new home, they will continue playing as Recon 5. 

jeorgesnorts jumps to Triumph; stamina returns to Premier with Recon 5 was told that Recon 5 intended on supporting the team this season, however due to unfortunate personal circumstances the owners of the team had to change their priorities and move away from esports.

In better news, Recon 5 have found a coach for Season 38, bringing Slovenian Ažbe "mindtr6cks" Frlan into the lineup. While the presence of a European coach may at first seem odd, Bobby "stamina" Eitrem told that he is familiar with his work as he helped his Verum side during ESEA Advanced Season 36.

Recon 5 are now:

  • us Dylan "SATURN" Finch
  • us Keller "SLIGHT" Nilan
  • us Austin "AAustiN" Urb
  • ca David "J0LZ" Jolin
  • us Bobby "stamina" Eitrem
  • si Ažbe "mindtr6cks" Frlan (Coach)

Recon 5 will make their debut in ESEA Premier Season 38 on August 31st against ONET4P.

Recon 5 part ways with Wilky; team completes rebuild with AAustiN and J0LZ

#1 iMarbot
2021-08-20 00:21
Triumph and now Recon 5 :(
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