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MetaHashCoin top octet of ESEA Main teams that have qualified for ESEA Advanced Season 38
They will be joined by Prestigious from ESEA Intermediate and PAPER PLANEZ from ESEA Open.
Written by: theroadtodrwaldo    August 1st 2021 1:43 pm    #ESEA #Postseason #Season37 #Season38 #TACO #Main #Intermediate #Open #MetaHashCoin #Kaged #ReduxRising #Gryphon #ViciousKitties #Conviction #CarbonX #AverageM0es  

With ESEA Season 38 around the corner, it feels right to congratulate Epitacio "TACO" de Melo's new punching bags the winners from ESEA's lower divisions that have secured a berth in ESEA Advanced Season 38. MetaHashCoin, Prestigious, and PAPER PLANEZ have all secured spots in ESEA's penultimate division for the coming season, by winning the Season 37 campaigns for ESEA Main, Intermediate, and Open, respectively. Seven other teams from ESEA Main will join them.

Triton and Villainous promoted; Mythic and Big Chillin defend Premier spots

The grand final of ESEA Main pitted MetaHashCoin against the upper bracket winners, Kaged. Kaged's upper bracket advantage was immediately negated after MetaHashCoin started things off with a thirty-round win on Mirage, then followed up with progressively more one-sided victories on Nuke and Dust2. Caleb "opportunity" Davis led all players with 67 kills in the series.

The final standings for ESEA Main Season 37 are:

1. us MetaHashCoin (opportunity, LaffyTs, NoM, mds, seppuku) - $3,500
2. us Kaged (-supa, Saviour, Irish, Penguin_-, msc, Coach: Birch) - $2,000
3. us Redux Rising (shade, Pat_, lukke, gingee, Sloopy, Coach: slabo) - $1,500
4. us Gryphon (Griffin^, Magiik, mcw, -noodle, cbass) - $1,000
5-6. us Vicious Kitties (StevoP, Hitman, sinseriously, cwizzy, Sad^, Coach: trauma-) - $600
5-6. us Conviction (Kolsy, K2^, FoxI, ZxP, MJB, Coach: JSP) - $600
7-8. us CarbonX (merken, PLx2, Tribute, CACTUS, huardy) - $400
7-8. us Average M0es (HiriX, Anax, Carter, Sketch-, Kiltin) - $400

All eight teams will play in ESEA Advanced in Season 38.

Verum complete lower bracket run with victory over Triton; secure spot in ESEA Premier Season 38

Prestigious dropped just one map in the final three rounds of the ESEA Intermediate playoffs to secure their cash prize and ESEA Advanced berth. Josh "Wo0o0o" Neidert led all players with 26 and 30 frags on Dust2 and Ancient, respectively. The squad has since picked up a new banner to fly and will compete in the coming season as Uncharted Territory.

The final standings for ESEA Intermediate Season 37 are:

1. us Prestigious (stegy, Karo, Neidert, noahhh, xxriotpro) - $2,750 + ESEA Advanced
2. ca UGK (Normal, drayza, chnce, r1^, Bobb, Coach: cameron) - $1,500 + ESEA Main
3-4. ca Continuum (preyster, Lono, owl^, J21, Saiyan) - $1,000 + ESEA Main
3-4. us Tac8 (SkorpioN, Blxckie, s0da, Moshii, Nys-) - $1,000 + ESEA Main
5-8. us FURIOUS RACERS (Kennan, Caprisun, Domestic, Lysander, Panda) - $400 + ESEA Main
5-8. us CnB (JoeKoda, SinFuLcx, weine, poss, corinthian) - $400 + ESEA Main
5-8. us Chess Club (Ryguy, PigY, ogura, Mbp, Viking) - $400 + ESEA Main
5-8. ca Esports Astros (cLasik, rTb-sS, Derek, Leachy2k, rima) - $400 + ESEA Main

Triton await winner of X13 and Verum in Advanced grand final

The grand finals of ESEA Open Season 37 featured a number of familiar faces, just not on the winning side. roughly speaking sported a recognizable lineup comprised of Koby "kobruh" Higgs, Kory "SEMPHIS" Friesen, Alex "Mauisnake" Ellenberg, and Soham "valens" Chowdhury.

Despite their star power PAPER PLANEZ allowed roughly speaking just twelve rounds in the series as they cruised to an ESEA Advanced slot with strong wins on Dust2 and Nuke. The duo of Tony "-Clutch" Thach and David "eef" Eef were the wind beneath their side's paper wings and finished with 41 kills apiece in the series, while roughly speaking were led by 36 frags from SEMPHIS.

The final standings for ESEA Open Season 37 are:

1. us PAPER PLANEZ (bClutchh, shock, monkeysaso, k0-, eef, Coach: stayloh) - $1,400 + ESEA Advanced
2. us roughly speaking  (SEMPHIS, valens, Mauisnake, kobruh, sideways) - $800 + ESEA Main
3-4. us Nowledge Learn Education (Zucar, coop, sasha-, elek, bird) - $500 + ESEA Main
3-4. us Cyberstorm (austin, jrod, tBone, lect, wiki) - $500 + ESEA Main
5-8. us autotune (y1FaNn, SpEech1ess, shangjwow, JJ, Ame) - $200 + ESEA Main
5-8. us God Bless America (Allen, bash, dehy, glory, Peeping, Coach: MattShul) - $200 + ESEA Main
5-8. mx TFDYJSTM (SecretAgent, SpaydeRRRR, btk, stayfrosty, itstommy) - $200 + ESEA Main
5-8. us Gifted Moments (Sneaking, Leeves, Nick_Zutter, Lethality, JGM) - $200 + ESEA Main

The first default day for ESEA Season 38 is this Monday, August 2nd.

X13 and Triton looking strong in ESEA Advanced playoffs; Laboratory Services, YeniCherry, Eros eliminated

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