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ESEA: "If you want to win our money, do it on LAN."
Summer Cash Cup 3 and 4 have both become Fragadelphia 15 qualifiers.
Written by: theroadtodrwaldo    July 21st 2021 11:32 pm    #ESEA #el_jack0 #SummerCashCup3 #SummerCashCup4 #Fragadelphia15 #PartyAstronauts #Triumph #ThirdImpact #GGPR #Villainous  

Jackson "el_jack0" Wolf, take a bow. ESEA have announced their intention to double down on their commitment to the development of semi-professional CS:GO teams in North America by investing in the region's biggest semi-professional LAN, Fragadelphia 15. The third party matchmaking platform has committed their Cash Cup prize money for the rest of the month to the event's total prize pool. 

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There will be no direct invites to the second day of play for either of the upcoming two Cash Cups. Instead, four teams from an open bracket will advance to Sunday's rubber matches to fight for a spot at Fragadelphia 15. The victors will also receive $2,000 to cover their travel expenses to the event.

ESEA has stated that it is an expectation for the winner of these Cash Cups to attend Frag 15, as they have invested heavily in the event. Their $25,000 contribution has brought the total prize pool for Fragadelphia 15 up to $60,000.

So far the registered ESEA Premier teams for this week's Cash Cup event include:

us Party Astronauts us Triumph
us Third Impact us GGPR
us Villainous  

Party Astronauts and Triumph have already qualified for Fragadelphia 15 through the Mythic Summer Cup 2021 series. With that being said, their current lack of organizational support makes the $2,000 worth of travel assistance an enticing prize for a weekend's worth of trouble.

Party Astronauts win Mythic Summer Series 2021 Cup 2 over RBG

#1 el_jack0
2021-07-22 07:42
See everyone at LAN!
#2 Fingy
2021-07-22 14:26
Party Astronauts about to get their 3rd frag spot
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