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Premier Recap Weeks 2-3 - Extra Salt and Third Impact rise to the top
Both teams claimed multiple wins without dropping a single map in the process.
Written by: Mnmzzz    May 25th 2021 10:37 pm    #ESEAPremierS37 #oNe #Triumph #RBG #PartyAstronauts #Recon5 #GGPR #Mythic #ChocoCheck #ExtraSalt #QcClan #Veloz #SecretClub #ThirdImpact #BigChillin #SKDC #PDHM #CENSRD #paiN  

Weeks two and three of ESEA Premier Season 37 have come to a close, seeing Third Impact and Extra Salt climb to the top of their respective groups with three and four wins, respectively.

Premier Recap Week 1 - Secret Club lead Group B with 2-0 record

Extra Salt's four wins over the past two weeks came against Recon 5, QcClan, SKDC, and Triumph with the series against SKDC seeing the first 16-0 of the season. As for Third Impact they bested PDHM, Mythic, and RBG, with the result against RBG being particularly noteworthy as they secured a confident 2-0 win.

ChocoCheck also had a stellar two weeks as they picked up a forfeit win over SKDC, a close win over Triumph, and a blowout victory against GGPR.

walker and brett leave Third Impact for Veloz

Elsewhere in the division, SKDC and PDHM have continued to slide down the rankings as both teams lost three matches this week. 

Some notable matches for the fourth week of play are:

Matchup Date Time
 us Party Astronauts vs. br oNe May 25th 9PM EDT
 us Extra Salt  vs. us Big Chillin May 25th 9PM EDT
 us Veloz vs. us CENSRD May 26th 9PM EDT
 nam Extra Salt vs. us Secret Club May 26th 9PM EDT

The standings at the end of week three look as follows:

Week four of ESEA Premier Season 37 is currently underway and can be watched on ESL's Twitch channel.

Mythic complete roster with Slugy

#1 B0b3rT
2021-05-26 01:31
You already know who’s climbing to the top 👀
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