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Update: Veloz sign ex-Rise
If you're going to focus on one roster, they might as well be in Premier.
Written by: theroadtodrwaldo    April 27th 2021 8:41 pm    #ESEA #Premier #Season37 #Veloz #Rise #Domorin #Aidan #Feedalee #consti #sherps #LAJT #ioRascal  

Veloz have signed ex-Rise for ESEA Premier Season 37, with the lineup quickly rebounding after leaving Rise on April 23rd due to issues within the organization.

Rise release lineup due to organizational issues

About three weeks ago Veloz's Advanced roster finished fourth in ESEA Season 36 and qualified for ESEA Premier Season 36 Relegation. Once there, they defeated ImPerium and were within one series of qualifying for ESEA Premier Season 37, but then dropped series to SKDC and PDHM and were forced to return to ESEA Advanced for Season 37.

Following Relegation Veloz announced their intentions to focus their efforts on one roster. Their Advanced lineup left to explore other options, while their Veloz Riot lineup that recently gained promotion from ESEA Main to Advanced parted ways with the organization following a disagreement. Both rosters would have played in the same division for Season 37, so continuing to maintain the two teams under the Veloz banner would not have been an option anyway.

Last season ex-Rise finished 5-4 and could have made playoffs if their overtime decider against Mythic had gone in their favor. They also managed to take a map off of Extra Salt in addition to their series wins over Eclipse, Watch This, and SKDC. 

With the signing of ex-Rise, Veloz are now:

  • us Cody "Domorin" Lutzel
  • us Aidan "Aidan" Higgason
  • mk Filip "Feedalee" Mitevski
  • us Kevin "consti" Yi
  • us Richie "sherps" Sherpa
  • pl Szymon "LAJT" Jaworski (Coach)
  • ca Taylor "ioRascal" Hays (Analyst)

Veloz will hope to avoid much of the offseason drama that is currently plaguing ESEA Premier rosters by signing a complete unit that is ready to roll for the start of Season 37 on May 3rd.

Update: Veloz contacted after publication to clarify that their two Season 36 teams were not "dropped" as originally written. The article has been revised accordingly.

Rise replace kber with sherps

#1 el_jack0
2021-04-27 21:01
waldo on fire today!
#2 theroadtodrwaldo
2021-04-28 12:47
Can't take all the credit, the rest of the team was huge in getting these last two out! Place I'm in the process of moving to still has no internet :/
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