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The Commission disband
The team elected to go their separate ways after a poor season.
Written by: theroadtodrwaldo    March 24th 2021 5:59 pm    #TheCommission #Mauisnake #bron #Minus #micro #f1ukie #Axed  

Alex "Mauisnake" Ellenberg has announced that The Commission are no more following the team's last place finish in ESEA Premier Season 36 Group B. 

f1ukie steps down from The Commission

The Commission's lone win of the season came against Third Impact, a 2-1 victory which saw Marshall "Minus" Sedowicz lead the way on Train, Bron "bron" Mills top the scoreboard on Inferno, and Mauisnake deliver the best performance on Overpass.

The Commission's final ratings for ESEA Premier Season 36 were:

Name Rating Maps
us Marshall "Minus" Sedowicz 1.02 19
us Alex "Mauisnake" Ellenberg 1.02 15
us Jack "micro" Ryan 0.99 19
us Bron "bron" Mills 0.92 19
ca Tonny "f1ukie" Liu 0.89 13

f1ukie departed the lineup earlier this week and has now been joined by Mauisnake, Minus, and bron announcing their departure from the squad. Technically the former quartet along with Trevor "FrostayK" Bandle and Tommy "Axed" Ryan could elect to form a new roster in the slot for Season 37 although they will now need to do so in Advanced.

Lucid steps down from Third Impact; sets eyes on Europe

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