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Recon 5 replace cJ with AAustiN
With AAustiN, Recon 5 recently raised eyebrows during ESEA Winter Cash Cup 5.
Written by: Mnmzzz    February 17th 2021 5:40 pm    #ESEAPremierS36 #Recon5 #RZU #cJ #tweiss #kobruh #cynic #JazzPimp #AAustiN  

Recon 5 have added Austin "AAustiN" Urb on a permanent basis as a replacement for Christopher "cJ" Jones. AAustiN's permanent addition to the team comes after Recon 5 had a strong second-place showing with him as a stand-in in ESEA Winter Cup 5 that saw the team take down paiN and Secret Club to make the finals, where they forced Extra Salt to three maps.

tweiss replaces RZU on Recon 5 knows from sources close to the team that cJ's departure was a result of Recon 5's decision to replace Jeff "RZU" Ngo with Tyler "tweiss" Weiss, with cJ telling the team he no longer wanted to play with the lineup.

AAustiN was last seen playing for Russian Canadians in ESEA MDL Season 35, being replaced in September before returning to the lineup in October to finish the season. Notably he was set to play playoffs with the squad before Alex "vek" Voynov and Ian "battery"  Yates dodged the series. 

AAustiN is also a member of Ashland University's CS:GO team, and he will seemingly be balancing both commitments this season.

Recon 5 sign Rugratz; RZU and cJ replace tweiss and Turismo

With the addition of AAustiN, Recon 5 are now:

  • us Koby "kobruh" Higgs
  • us David "cynic" Polster
  • us Dominick "JazzPimp" Dimpfel
  • us Tyler "tweiss" Weiss
  • us Austin "AAustiN" Urb

AAustiN will make his Season 36 debut on February 23rd as Recon 5 are set to take on RBG. Recon 5 currently sit in the middle of the eastern conference with a 1-1 record.

castro shifts into Sixth Gear; N1ght gets left in the dust

#1 Frog
2021-02-17 17:44
I will never emotionally recover from this. I will be waiting for the return of dA-K1nG
#2 Slove
2021-02-17 19:12
EZ for Big A
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