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The Super Bowl (Advanced) Shuffle
A number of teams have made changes recently and has you covered with the highlights.
Written by: theroadtodrwaldo    February 8th 2021 7:04 pm    #ESEA #Advanced #eRa #BlueSky #Steedle #shike #moopey #Rascal #Rugratz #zanz #STMN #VAATI #AlAtaque #FlashPoint #Valkyrie #f1ukie #Verum #stamina #HeartnSoul #FakeOut #Pantheon  

There's no better time to make shuffle puns than in the wake of Super Bowl Sunday and ESEA Advanced has plenty for us to sort through. A number of roster moves is fairly status quo for this point in the ESEA season, but some old organizations also resurfaced to pick up rosters, while others completely dropped off the face of the earth.

eRa lose CS:GO team due to financial trouble

eRa have re-entered CS:GO with a team that features a hybrid of two collegiate rosters from the University of California Santa Cruz and the University of Central Florida. eRa previously closed their CS:GO division nearly three years ago following issues paying their players their salaries.

The rebooted eRa roster consists of:

  • us Brian "BlueSky" Wortman
  • us Mike "Steedle" Steedle
  • us Stephen "shike" Lau
  • us Arvid "moopey" Samuelson
  • us Kellen "Rascal" Cole

eRa are currently 4-1 in ESEA Advanced and will face Valkyrie tomorrow at 9:30PM EST.

Wilky and AtomiK join ImPerium on trial

Lux previously announced Alexander "zander" Diaz on Twitter marking a return to CS:GO after a brief stint in VALORANT, but their organization has gone dark on social media in the wake of one of their founders, Tucker Brown, allegedly admitting to sexually assaulting a former girlfriend on the On Tilt podcast, which has also disappeared from the Internet. The roster will fly the Rugratz banner going forward.

Rugratz are now:

  • us Sean "ashen" Yang
  • ca Tony "w0w" Zachary
  • ca Adam "freshie" Paterson
  • nam "sin"
  • us Alexander "zander" Diaz

Rugratz are currently 1-3 in ESEA Advanced and will face Flash Point tonight at 9:30PM EST.

Able, Morning Light, Heart n Soul, Lux, Veloz, Vaniity see changes as playoffs runs come to an end

STMN have also made some changes for Season 36, with Julio "VAATI" Jimenez being replaced by Joel "AlAtaque" Ontiveros for the first five matches and for the forseeable future now that VAATI has left the team's ESEA roster. The change officially makes STMN a majority Mexican roster.

  • mx Eddie "Link" Osuna
  • us Everett "Poison" Ivy
  • us Bradley "Slugy" Kohler
  • mx Ludovico "V1ko" Azanza
  • mx Joel "AlAtaque" Ontiveros

STMN are currently 3-2 in ESEA Advanced and have their next match against Front tomorrow at 9:30PM EST.

Link details "blackmailing and threats" that led to STMN changes

Tonny "f1ukie" Liu has also left Flash Point to join the reserves of Valkyrie after their go-to sub, "K4mr0", moved and no longer has Internet capable of playing CS:GO. Both teams are off to a hot start in Season 36 as the former sports a 4-1 record, while the latter is still undefeated at 4-0. 

us Flash Point us Valkyrie
  • us Alvin "xcege" Hu
  • us Matthew "Cryptic" Whitmore
  • us Royal "royalG" Gong
  • us Kevin "omniscient" Ma
  • us Devin "fype" Yong
  • us Conner "Geekin" Golding
  • us William "WMS" Stack
  • us Travis "TEVO" Welch
  • nam "woohoo"
  • us Michael "1Mikey" Massad
  • ca Tonny "f1ukie" Liu (Sub)

Premier Recap Week 2 - Extra Salt, Bad News Bears, Mythic, Rebirth, and Secret Club start 2-0

Finally, Bobby "stamina" Eitrem has joined Verum after one game with FakeOut, who are now Pantheon. Verum previously played as Heart n Soul, and stamina will be doing the calling for the roster going forward. stamina brings seven season's worth of ESEA Advanced experienced to the table and will be hoping to break through and qualify for ESEA Premier for Season 37.

Pantheon are currently in search of a fifth but have Henry "big_b33tl3" Cash paid up to occupy that fifth slot if a permanent replacement is not found before their next match.

us Verum us Pantheon
  • us Austin "Ajaxz" Janocha
  • us Matthew "mirth" Mudrinic
  • us Marshall "JONESY" Jones
  • us Michael "Millz" Millsaps
  • us Bobby "stamina" Eitrem
  • us Vinny "SQK" B
  • us "sam"
  • us Derek "Lokier" Howland
  • us Chris "CMX" Moe
  • us Henry "big_b33tl3" Cash (Sub)

Verum are currently 2-3 in ESEA Advanced and play tonight against Absolute Leverage at 9PM EST, while Pantheon have the same record but are scheduled to face UYU tomorrow evening at 9PM EST.

Voltage and JoJo receive invites to FPL; 3ARK00Z and Poison are promoted

#1 Makzwell
2021-02-08 19:13
NA CS, let's go!
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2021-02-08 19:22
Love flashpoint.
#3 1moopey
2021-02-08 19:42
wow betray me xner
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