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tweiss replaces RZU on Recon 5
+tweiss (please clap).
Written by: Mnmzzz    February 3rd 2021 9:26 pm    #ESEAPremierS36 #Recon5 #Rugratz #RZU #cJ #tweiss #kobruh #cynic #JazzPimp  

Tyler "tweiss" Weiss has returned to his former team in place of Jeff "RZU" Ngo, seeing the latter exit Recon 5 after only one series in ESEA Premier Season 36.

Recon 5 sign Rugratz; RZU and cJ replace tweiss and Turismo

Sources close to the team tell that Recon 5 elected to part ways with RZU due to personalities not meshing well within the team. During his short time with the team RZU performed well, putting up a 1.14 rating over the course of eleven maps.

The return of tweiss comes after he stepped down from the team on January 14th due to scheduling conflicts with school. His return to the team is something of a necessity as without him or RZU Recon 5 would not have two players from last season, losing their spot in Premier.

With tweiss returning to the fold, Recon 5 are:

  • us Koby "kobruh" Higgs
  • us David "cynic" Polster
  • us Dominick "JazzPimp" Dimpfel
  • us Christopher "cJ" Jones
  • us Tyler "tweiss" Weiss

Recon 5 are currently facing off against Third Impact in ESEA Premier Season 36.

Premier Recap Week 1 - SKDC, Levitate go 0-2

#1 Ayeggs
2021-02-03 21:28
#2 parks2214
2021-02-03 21:42
#3 Swisher
2021-02-03 21:59
#4 ninja_pc
2021-02-04 05:36
curious to see what team RZU joins in prem next, bunch looking for a 5th now
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