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hyun steps down from SKDC
A top flight debut, plus one, and done.
Written by: theroadtodrwaldo    January 29th 2021 2:36 pm    #ESEA #Premier #Season36 #SKDC #hyun #OCEAN #desi #Hiki #sensu #Waddep  

ODEAG and SKDC are in need of a fifth once again

Chase "hyun" Lewis has told that he has stepped down from SKDC just two matches into the season. hyun left the team's ESEA roster immediately following their 2-0 defeat to Depth on Wednesday evening.

hyun replaces HavoK on SKDC

hyun told that there were no problems with individual or team performance, he simply saw that the time commitment that the team was requiring was not sustainable with his schedule, which includes a full-time job and school. He noted that he thought it would be best for all parties to allow the team to replace him sooner and facilitate the transition for his replacement.

Performance-wise hyun was indeed doing fairly well for SKDC, he led the team with 71 kills across their first four maps of the season against Rise and Depth. SKDC as a team have struggled out of the gates however, they have zero wins in four maps in ESEA Premier Season 36.

SKDC are now:

  • ca Kyle "OCEAN" O'Brien
  • us Derek "desi" Branchen
  • us Dylan "Hiki" O'Kane
  • us David "sensu" Oliver
  • ca Justin "Waddep" Letendre (Coach)

SKDC are scheduled to continue Group A play against one of the division's preseason favorites, Extra Salt, this coming Wednesday.

HavoK joins SKDC as SEMPHIS steps down

#1 006_tv
2021-01-30 23:18
It's okay, Kkona is worth two players anyway
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