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hyun replaces HavoK on SKDC
HavoK becomes the second player in as many days to depart Premier without playing a map.
Written by: theroadtodrwaldo    January 19th 2021 5:59 pm    #ESEAP36 #SKDC #hyun #HavoK #OCEAN #desi #Hiki #sensu #Waddep #Lux #MythicWinterCup2021 #hate'sChessClub #Eros #HeadshotKings   

Chase "hyun" Lewis announced late last night that he would be joining SKDC for ESEA Premier Season 36. has since confimed that he will be joining in place of Bryan "HavoK" Kuzawinski, who joined the team within the past week.

HavoK joins SKDC as SEMPHIS steps down

hyun has played the past few seasons in ESEA Advanced with Lux and will make his ESEA Premier debut with SKDC in their match against a Group A opponent that is still to be determined at this time.

When asked for comment, Kyle "OCEAN" O'Brien noted that HavoK "wasn't the best fit" for the team and is "a decent player [that] just didn't mesh well." Conversely, HavoK responded "Pepehands KekW" when contacted by

SKDC made it to the quarterfinals of the Mythic Winter Cup qualifier with HavoK in the lineup, where they were eliminated by hate's Chess Club after defeating PEEN COPTERS, GoonSquad, Eros, and Headshot Kings.

Eclipse and Russian Canadians qualify for Mythic Winter Cup

SKDC are now:

  • ca Kyle "OCEAN" O'Brien
  • us Derek "desi" Branchen
  • us Dylan "Hiki" O'Kane
  • us David "sensu" Oliver
  • us Chase "hyun" Lewis
  • ca Justin "Waddep" Letendre (Coach)

SKDC were placed into Group A for ESEA Premier Season 36, which was set to officially begin last night. They are joined in the group by The Right Opportunity, Extra Salt, Mythic, Rise, GGPR, timbermen, Russian Canadians, Eclipse, and Recon 5.

HavoK steps down from Depth

#1 Conry
2021-01-19 18:03
Interesting moves
#2 Ryze
2021-01-19 18:48
Conversely, HavoK responded "Pepehands KekW" when contacted by
#5 Noot_CS
2021-01-19 21:11
This would be my response too
#3 006_tv
2021-01-19 19:54
Pepehands KEKW
#4 parks2214
2021-01-19 19:56
Conversely, HavoK responded "Pepehands KekW" when contacted by
#6 hydrik
2021-01-20 07:43
Conversely, HavoK responded "Pepehands KekW" when contacted by
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