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ESEA reveal groups for Premier Season 36; Yeah replaced by Rise
ex-Chaos and Triumph claimed the top seeds heading into the season.
Written by: Nohte    January 14th 2021 10:41 pm    #ESEAPS36 #Triumph #ex-Chaos #ExtraSalt #ex-Recon5 #ESEAMDLS35 #Kinship #Rise #EPLS12  

ESEA have announced the distribution of teams between two groups for ESEA Premier Season 36, while simultaneously revealing that Yeah will not compete in the upcoming season. Rise, who were one of the two runner-ups in MDL Season 35 Relegation, were moved up from Advanced in order to fill the gap.

ex-Chaos, Extra Salt, ex-Recon 5 added to ESEA Premier; Triumph set to claim spot

According to ESEA, the groups were seeded based on the ESL World Rankings, followed by their HLTV Ranking, and finally, the team's previous ESEA season record. As a result, Rebirth and Mythic were seeded above teams like Extra Salt and High Coast, while Advanced lineups that have moved up and made changes to their roster during the off-season also attained better seeds than existing MDL playoff lineups (who, admittedly, also made changes).

The highest seeds in each group are ex-Chaos and Extra Salt, who head up Group A, and Triumph and High Coast, who take the top spots in Group B. Each group contains ten teams, and will utilize a best-of-three, round-robin format to determine the top four teams in each division. 

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The two groups look as follows:

Group A Group B
us ex-Chaos us Triumph
nam Extra Salt ca High Coast
us Mythic ca Rebirth
us Rise us Rugratz
ca SKDC ca RBG
us GGPR us ImPerium
us timbermen us Big Chillin
ca Russian Canadians us Secret Club
us Eclipse us Third Impact
us Recon 5 us Hate's Chess Club

ESEA Premier Season 36 is set to kick off on January 18.

GSG9 sign with ImPerium

#1 Gaston
2021-01-15 01:39
Hltv ranking really can't be trusted for teams outside of the top 50 idk why they would use it
#2 Spider22Monkey
2021-01-15 13:32
Are you saying they should have used the previous seasons results ahead of the HLTV rankings then?
#3 parks2214
2021-01-15 17:01
Wait why aren’t Yeah playing....
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