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RBG revamp roster with chop and Wolffe
If Kinship wasn't dead before, they sure are now.
Written by: theroadtodrwaldo    January 12th 2021 3:37 pm    #ESEA #Premier #Season36 #RBG #Walco #HexT #wiz #Wolffe #chop #pwny #gmanchew #KayJay  

At the end of ESEA MDL Season 35 it looked like RBG were in for a rough offseason following the departure of their coach, their IGL, and their biggest source of firepower. However, with today's announcement of Connor "chop" Sullivan and Kyle "Wolffe" Greenfield they are just a coach shy of having completely rebuilt their roster heading into ESEA Premier Season 36.

Kinship disband as chop and grape go their separate ways

RBG have already taken chop out for a spin during their second place finish in ESEA Winter Cash Cup 2, but Reece "Wilky" Wilkerson, who was also trialed during the same event, has since joined up with hate's Chess Club.

Wolffe played eight matches in ESEA MDL Season 35, six with Secret Club and two with Russian Canadians/Sixth Gear. He averaged a 1.12 rating in those matches and now finds himself with a stable core for his sophomore season of ESEA's top flight.

chop played sixteen matches and averaged a 1.03 rating for a Kinship side that ended up playing in ESEA MDL Season 35 Relegation, successfully defended their spot for ESEA Premier Season 36, and then disbanded after the majority of the team decided to sit out Season 36 altogether.

RBG are now:

  • ca Colby  "Walco" Walsh
  • ca Jadan "HexT" Postma
  • us Jerric "wiz" Jiang
  • us Connor "chop" Sullivan
  • us Kyle "Wolffe" Greenfield

RBG could debut this new roster as early as this weekend's Mythic Winter Cup, the DreamHack Open January 2021 open qualifiers, or either of ESEA's remaining Winter Cash Cups, featuring newly heightened prize pools.

hate's Chess Club complete lineup with rin and Wilky

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