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Revenant disband as Saturn and Gatr jump to Rise; Feedalee returns to lineup
ESEA's recent changes convinced Feedalee to return to CS:GO from VALORANT.
Written by: Mnmzzz    January 9th 2021 11:36 am    #ESEAAdvancedS36 #Revenant #Saturn #Gatr #Rise #Feedalee #Domorin #Aidan #consti #krotomo #Marson #SLIGHT #EllisoN #Spoice #notorious #Kinship  

After being reduced to three players following the departure of Filip "Feedalee" Mitevski and Ken "krotomo" Otomo at the end of 2020, Rise's ranks have been refilled by the return of Feedalee and the addition of Dylan "Saturn" Finch, who was previously slated to play with Revenant.

Additionally, Rise have made a change to their coaching staff, with David "Gatr" MacAulay moving from Revenant as well. He will be replacing Evan "Marson" Brown who left the team to play in Main with his friends. krotomo is also officially no longer part of the team's plans due to his hand injury and real life commitments.

Revenant refit roster with Saturn, SLIGHT, and EllisoN

Regarding the sudden return of Feedalee from VALORANT, the player told that the recently announced changes to ESEA's leagues were "just what he was looking for to stay in CS:GO". Rise will be happy to have the Macedonian-Canadian back in their ranks as he was their top-rated player across Advanced playoffs and MDL Relegation during Season 35.

As for Saturn and Gatr, their decision to move to Rise came after Ryan "notorious" Gordon announced plans to join his former teammate Ernie "amen" Yokley as a streaming and content creation duo. Unfortunately as a result of these departures, Revenant have disbanded with the former lineup now looking for new teams.

With the addition of this trio, Rise are now:

  • us Cody "Domorin" Lutzel
  • us Aidan "Aidan" Higgason
  • us Kevin "consti" Yi
  • mk Filip "Feedalee" Mitevski
  • us Dylan "Saturn" Finch
  • us David "Gatr" MacAulay (Coach)

ESEA Season 36 is currently set to start on January 18th. As previously mentioned, Rise would be presumably the first team in line to claim their MDL slot if Kinship were to disband.

Feedalee leaves Rise; krotomo sidelined by hand injury

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2021-01-09 12:28

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