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dayV1D and Jeremy9000 join Israeli organization Finest
The North American duo's newest iteration of Adaptation has found a new home.
Written by: Mnmzzz    November 24th 2020 3:20 pm    #Adaptation #Finest #dayV1D #Jeremy9000 #shushan #Nertz #meztal #fejtZ #t0rick  

fejtZ's goal of playing with every nationality in the world is continuing nicely

Matt "dayV1D" David and Jeremy "Jeremy9000" Gray's newest iteration of Adaptation has found a new home, with the Israeli majority lineup signing with domestic organization Finest.

dayV1D and Jeremy9000 revive Adaptation with European lineup

Starting with the Israeli trio that forms the core of this roster, Guy "Nertz" Iluz is likely the most notable of the three, having attended the FACEIT London Major Asia Minor back in 2018 on Uniquestars. As for Shiran "shushan" Shushan, while he is a relatively unknown player outside of Europe, his younger brother Shahar "flameZ" Shushan has been something of a breakout player in 2020 on Endpoint, helping his team all the way to the final of ESEA MDL Season 35 Europe in his first MDL season.

The final Israeli player on the team, Tal "meztal" Hahiashvili is the least known of the trio, with his most notable achievement being winning ESEA Intermediate Season 34 Europe alongside Nertz earlier in the year.

dayV1D parts ways with Global

Of the two Europeans on the roster, Kristjan "fejtZ" Allsaar is the biggest name on the team, having played with the likes of Denial, HellRaisers, Boxr, Grayhound, BTRG, and Smash over the course of his globe-trotting career. t0rick on the other hand only recently garnered attention by the at-large CS:GO community by being the first Azeri player to attend a Major, StarLadder Berlin Major 2019, during his fourteen-month stint with Syman.

Finest are now:

  • il Guy "Nertz" Iluz
  • il Shiran "shushan" Shushan
  • il Tal "meztal" Hahiashvili
  • ee Kristjan "fejtZ" Allsaar
  • az Maksim "t0rick" Zaikin
  • us Matt "dayV1D" David (Coach)
  • us Jeremy "Jeremy9000" Gray (General Manager)

With the end of the year quickly approaching Finest only have a handful of events to attend before 2021. Outside of that, the team are set to play ESEA Advanced Sesaon 36 Europe, which is set to begin some time next year.

dayV1D's time as AVANT coach comes to an end

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