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Able, Morning Light, Heart n Soul, Lux, Veloz, Vaniity see changes as playoffs runs come to an end
These six squads have seen an early start to the post-season shuffle.
Written by: Mnmzzz    November 21st 2020 10:35 am    #ESEAAS35 #ESEAAS36 #Able #HeartnSoul #Vaniity #Panic #Featherless #KingBonobo #JONSEY #Veloz #Mills #Maxo #verify #mirth #Lnxa #PALADIN #Scottyio #PNDLM #Lux #freshie #ashen #kber #Praze #aris #landmaz #Drew #MorningLight #MEs #halo #Just2EZ  

With ESEA Advanced Season 35 playoffs rapidly approaching its conclusion Able, Morning Light Heart n Soul, Lux Veloz, and Vaniity are the first of a number of notable Advanced squads to make changes to their lineups following their respective exits from playoffs.

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Starting with Able, after exiting playoffs in lower bracket round one they have parted ways with Ben "Panic" Keeping and coach Dustin "Featherless" Ford-Moody on November 12th. While they look for a new fifth, Able have brought on Alexis "KingBonobo" Perron as the team's new coach.

As such, Able are now:

  • nam "Feral"
  • us "jt"
  • us Michael "kdz" T.
  • us Matthew "D4rtyMontana" Paplawskas
  • ca Alexis "KingBonobo" Perron (Coach)

The next change saw Morning Light part ways with Khalid "MEs" Almathkor on November 13th a day after they were eliminated by ex-Thunder Logic in lower bracket round two.

Morning Light are now:

  • us Alec "halo" Sacry
  • us Kyle "Just2EZ" Tan
  • us Jeremy "taiwi" Wang
  • us Alvin "Alvin" Bui knows that additional changes to the roster are set to take place as the team looks to bolster their roster ahead of Season 36.

Strong Legs announces switch to VALORANT

Moving onto Heart n Soul, on November 13th Marshall "JONESY" Jones and Matthew  "mirth" Mudrinic left the lineup following the team's 2-1 loss to Revenant in lower bracket round two.

As a result of this, Heart n Soul have been reduced to:

  • us Michael "Mills" Millsaps
  • us Mathew "Maxo" Pierce
  • us Taha "verify" Chaudhry

Additionally, in a series of tweets Michael "Mills" Millsaps stated that he plans on considering his options for next season and has not made a decision on whether to continue with the team.

naes set to help Kinship in ESEA MDL Season 35 Relegation

Also on November 13th, Edward "kber" Vaudry left Lux. Lux were eliminated in the first round of the lower bracket following a loss to Morning Light.

With this change, Lux are now:

  • ca Adam "freshie" Paterson
  • us Chase "Hyun" Lewis
  • nam "sin"
  • us Sean "ashen" Yang

Up next on November 14th, Jesse "Lnxa" Mullins confirmed to that he has left Veloz and is looking for a new team for Season 36.

With Lnxa leaving the team, for now Veloz is:

  • ca Rudy "PALADIN" Rokin
  • ca Brian "CHEWiFUL" Mao
  • us Scott "Scottiyio" Baker
  • ru Darius "PNDLM" B.

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The final playoff team to see changes this week is Vaniity, with Andrew "Drew" Warkentin and Paul "aris"  Wilson announcing their search for new teams following their elimination by Rise in lower bracket round three.

With the team reduced to three players, Vaniity is now:

  • us Robert "Praze" Coutu
  • us M. "Mellow" A.
  • us Landon "landmaz" Lawrence

Additionally, Landon "landmaz" Lawrence may be on the way out as he posted his own LFT tweet, telling that he has recieved a few offers he is looking to pursue.

With ESEA Advanced Season 35 coming to a close, there will surely be more changes as teams prepare to try and make their way to MDL in Season 36. Be sure to keep up with as we will be doing continued coverage of the off-season.

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