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walker leaves
With this move, will be reduced to just two active members after Relegation.
Written by: Mnmzzz    November 13th 2020 2:23 pm    #ESEAMDLS35 #Hendy #armen #walker #vein #Ryze   

Walker "walker" Harris has announced his departure from, reducing the team's ranks to just two players following the retirement of Derek "Hendy" Hendrixson and Armen "armen" Fesliyan. 

Despite his departure from the team, walker has confirmed to that he is committed to play Relegation alongside his former teammates. 

Hendy and armen set to retire as head to ESEA MDL Season 35 Relegation

The departure of walker from the team will be a heavy blow to as outside of Hendy and armen, he was the team's highest rated player, putting up a respectable 1.07 rating over the course of 16 maps. Additionally, it raises questions about the team's future as walker previously told that he would take a leading position in rebuilding the team.

With walker leaving, the team is reduced to just:

  • us Andrew "vein" Lindeman
  • us Eric "Ryze" Brown 

Regardless if the team survive Relegation they will need to find three new players to rebuild their roster for Season 36, which is set to begin sometime next year.

pwny released from RBG; set to transition to VALORANT

#1 iMarbot
2020-11-13 14:24
2 man roster new meta, lets go. 10 man rosters are so H1 2020
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