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Wilky leaves ex-ImPerium
After a disappointing season, Wilky has his eyes set on new lineups in 2021.
Written by: Mnmzzz    November 11th 2020 12:48 am    #ImPerium #ESEAMDLS35 #ESEAMDLS35Relegation #CarterJ #Wilky #EllisoN #heretic #cuze   

Reece "Wilky" Wilkerson has stepped down from ex-ImPerium and will be looking for a new team ahead of the start of Season 36 next year. Although he is exiting the team, he has confirmed to that he will help his former teammates in ESEA MDL Season 35 Relegation.

ImPerium release team

Wilky had been with ImPerium since April, notably helping the team to a seventh place finish in ESEA Advanced Season 34. Following this, the team were promoted to MDL to fill a last minute vacancy following the dissolution of Positive Vibes Only.

Despite a poor season that saw ImPerium put up a 3-13 record, Wilky had a decent performance in his first season of MDL, posting a 0.95 rating over the course of 15 maps.

Regarding his exit from ex-ImPerium, Wilky told that he wants to pursue a new MDL lineup for Season 36, as in his opinion ex-ImPerium has degraded in quality and is unlikely to become a top MDL team due to roster issues plaguing the team. Additionally, Wilky said that with multiple former teammates considering a move to VALORANT he did not want to commit to rebuilding the roster again.

ex-ImPerium are now:

  • us Carter "CarterJ" Richardson
  • us James "EllisoN" Ellison
  • us Ian "heretic" Carfora
  • us Toryn "cuze" Cartier

Wilky will make his final appearance with ex-ImPerium during ESEA MDL Season 35 Relegation, which is set to begin on December 7th. 

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