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laz is ESEA Season 35's Next Big Caster
laz follows in the footsteps of voo and StrongLegs to become the third Canadian to win the competition.
Written by: theroadtodrwaldo    November 8th 2020 3:45 pm    #laz #SCJ #TheJoseGaming #Upmind #voo #TheEternalJay #DarfMike #StrongLegs  

ESEA have announced the winner of Season 35's iteration of their Next Big Caster competition, Ryan "laz" Lazauskas. He beat out William "SCJ" Burns and Joshua "TheJoseGaming" Warmington in the community poll to win the competition.

ESEA narrows Season 35 Next Big Caster field to the top three

laz received 46.03% of the cast votes, followed by SCJ with 27.20%, and then TheJoseGaming with 26.78%.

The list of winners of the Next Big Caster competition now includes:

  • ca Ryan "laz" Lazauskas - Season 35
  • us Gustavo "Upmind" Franco - Season 33
  • ca Donald "voo" Parkhurst - Season 32
  • uk Jamie "TheEternalJay" Martin - Season 31
  • us Mike "DarfMike" Winnick - Season 29
  • ca Roy "StrongLegs" Ahad - Season 27

Notably the inaugural winner, StrongLegs, announced his shift to VALORANT on Twitter yesterday.   

ESEA announce Season 35 Next Big Caster contestants

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