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BirdehBox leaves ImPerium
The Hungarian coach is looking for a new team to call home after a disappointing season.
Written by: Mnmzzz    October 29th 2020 9:28 am    #ESEAMDS35 #ImPerium #heretic #Burt^ #CarterJ #Wilky #EllisoN #BirdehBox #cuze  

Kornel "BirdehBox" Harmati has announced that he is stepping down from ImPerium and looking for a new team for next season.

BirdehBox had been with ImPerium since the beginning of ESEA MDL Season 35, joining the team after they were invited to replace Positive Vibes Only. His month-long tenure saw the team fail to achieve notable results, finishing IEM New York with a 0-5 record, while sitting towards the bottom of MDL with a 3-12 record.

ImPerium are now:

  • us Carter "CarterJ" Richardson
  • us Reece "Wilky" Wilkerson
  • us James "EllisoN" Ellison
  • us Ian "heretic" Carfora
  • us Toryn "cuze" Cartier

ImPerium's final match of ESEA MDL Season 35 is set to be played out today against Eclipse at 8:30 EDT.

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#1 parks2214
2020-11-03 13:32
I know he put a lot of work in and definitely is worth a shout to any up and coming Advanced sides
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