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Counter Nature upset Triumph; join RBG, Yeah, paiN in Rush B FPL Cup semis
Aside from the major shock result, the rest of the bracket proceeded largely as expected.
Written by: tolkienfanatic    October 24th 2020 10:17 pm    #FACEIT #FPL #FPLCup #RushBMedia #ESEAMDLS35 #ESEAAS35 #Triumph #CounterNature #Triumph #RBG #Yeah #paiN #AbsoluteLeverage #zander #Kinship #Delta9 #BeaKie #RussianCanadians #Eclipse  

moose and FPL Cup kings Triumph were shocked by Counter Nature in the Round of 16

The first day of the Rush B FPL Cup has concluded, seeing Counter Nature, RBG, Yeah, and paiN reach the event's semifinals.

With a field of 45 participating teams, the first round was primarily byes, while the most notable match in the Round of 32 saw Counter Nature take down Absolute Leverage.

Triumph beat Yeah to win Masters FPL Cup 1

Things took a surprising turn in the Round of 16, however, as Alexander "zander" Dituri helped to lead top ten Advanced side Counter Nature over Kaleb "moose" Jayne and Triumph in a 16-14 match on Inferno. MDL sides Kinship and a mix also had scares against lower-tier competition in the round, but managed to emerge victorious.

Counter Nature continued their upset streak in the quarterfinals, and this time it was David "Delta9" Shafer and Brody "BeaKie" Kelly who combined to topple Kinship 16-14 on Mirage. Meanwhile, came close to achieving an upset of their own, as they narrowly lost to Yeah 16-13 on Inferno. The other two matches in the round saw RBG and paiN achieve relatively straightforward wins over Russian Canadians and Eclipse, respectively.

BOOBIE officially replaces tatazin on Yeah

The standings for the event to this point are:

    1. world TBD - $2,000
    2. world TBD - $500
3-4. world TBD - $250
3-4. world TBD - $250
5-8. us Kinship (naes, ara, chop, Swahn, grape)
5-8. ca Russian Canadians (J0LZ, vek, battery, castro, Saturn)
5-8. us (walker, vein, Ryze, Wilky, bokumbop, brett)
5-8. us Eclipse (droid, nero, zeptic, john, yohan)

The full bracket is available here.

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This sets up tomorrow's semifinals:

ca RBG vs. us Counter Nature
br paiN vs. br Yeah

The action is set to resume at 2 PM EDT tomorrow, and the eventual victors will walk away $2,000 richer.

Russian Canadians pick up Saturn

#1 Walker
2020-10-24 22:43
vireo pro didn't play, hendy/armen both didn't play wilky/brett did : )
#3 tolkienfanatic
2020-10-24 23:12
Whoops, updated
#2 JAM-
2020-10-24 22:54
rbg jam!
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