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BOOBIE officially replaces tatazin on Yeah
Just the Advanced playoffs stand between Yeah and ESEA MDL Season 36.
Written by: theroadtodrwaldo    October 23rd 2020 8:47 pm    #ESEA #Advanced #Yeah #BOOBIE #tatazin #RCF #dumau #f4stzin #Swisher #mza  

tatazin makes way for BOOBIE as Yeah barrels toward MDL

Yeah unveiled Brandon "BOOBIE" Roberts in what amounted to an unsurprising official statement following the American's recent string of stand-in appearances for the Brazilian side.

Yeah dominate ESEA Advanced Season 35 Mid-Season Power Ranking

Initially, Yeah played five ESEA Advanced Season 35 matches with Edward "kber" Vaudry following the benching of Alef "tatazin" Pereira. They were able to maintain their perfect ESEA record in five games with kber, but he was never intended to be a permanent replacement. 

However, BOOBIE has now played two MDL matches with the team since joining the ESEA roster on October 16th, in addition to ESEA Autumn Cash Cup 1 and our own Masters FPL Cup 1.

BOOBIE averaged a 1.13 rating during ESEA MDL Season 34 with New England Whalers and a more recently posted a 1.09 rating in IEM New York while he briefly reunited with his old squad.

Swisher joins Yeah; future of ex-Warriors International uncertain

Yeah are now:

  • br Rodrigo "RCF" Caponero
  • br Eduardo "dumau" Wolkmer
  • br Arthur "f4stzin" Schmitt
  • us Michael "Swisher" Schmid
  • us Brandon "BOOBIE" Roberts
  • br Alef "tatazin" Pereira (Inactive)
  • br Guilherme "mza" Donini (Coach/Manager)

BOOBIE and Yeah have just one match remaining in ESEA Advanced Season 35 to pull off a perfect season. They will face Heart n Soul, who are 11-4, this coming Monday evening.

Triumph beat Yeah to win Masters FPL Cup 1

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2020-10-24 01:15
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2020-10-24 01:42
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