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Russian Canadians pick up Saturn
The 18-year-old was also a part of the influx of new talent into FPL earlier this week.
Written by: theroadtodrwaldo    October 17th 2020 11:57 am    #ESEAMDLS35 #ESEAAS35 #RussianCanadians #Saturn #Wolffe #J0LZ #vek #battery #castro #AAustiN #Revenant #florgy #Depth #DreamHackOpenWinter2020  

Russian Canadians have found their solution to the void left when they parted ways with Kyle "Wolffe" Greenfield, and it is none other than Dylan "Saturn" Finch, who was plying his trade for Revenant, a top-ten ESEA Advanced side, prior to being called up.

Russian Canadians part ways with Wolffe

The MDL side experienced what Saturn can do up close, as he was a huge part of Revenant pushing them to the limit in their DreamHack Open Winter open qualifier series earlier this month. Ian "battery" Yates was the only player on Russian Canadians that managed to surpass Saturn's 71 frags in that series, but he and his teammates decisively shut down the upset bid in the Nuke decider.

When contacted by battery confirmed that that match did indeed play a big role in giving Saturn a shot:

That match against us at the very least let my teammates that this guy was legit. I've known about Saturn for a few seasons now. I knew that he was going to be in MDL eventually but I was not expecting him to be in MDL this season. After the match against us and our roster issues with Wolffe, we decided to watch some demos of his and everyone was blown away by his mechanics. We instantly gave him a tryout. From there he just outshined the others.

Saturn's departure from Revenant left the team with a hole of their own to fill, which was quickly plugged up by former Depth member Hunter "florgy" Coulson.

Eight teams through to DreamHack Masters Winter qualifier quarters

The two teams are now:

ca Russian Canadians us Revenant
  • ca David "J0LZ" Jolin
  • ca Alex "vek" Voynov
  • ca Ian "battery" Yates
  • ca Wayne "castro" Einarsson
  • us Dylan "Saturn" Finch
  • rs Stefan "Lacore" Paunovic (Coach)
  • us Austin "AAustiN" Urb (Inactive)
  • us Austin "Ajaxz" Janocha
  • us Ernie "amen" Yokley
  • ca Ryan "notorious" Gordon
  • us Josh "Spoice" Betters
  • us Hunter "florgy" Coulson
  • us "Gatr" (Coach)

We will get to see these rosters in action sooner rather than later, as both teams are currently signed up for our very own Masters FPL Cup 1 starting later this afternoon.

WolfY and Wolffe trade places

#1 notorious
2020-10-17 18:15
#2 tolkienfanatic
2020-10-17 19:32
Sometimes you just can't predict CS:GO
#4 DiSCO
2020-10-18 21:06
I can predict that this is the most retarded pickup of the season rofl
#3 006_tv
2020-10-17 21:16
Hope things work out!
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