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Incognito cut JoJo and add bron; Mauisnake to stand-in for sterling
As a result, the long time Big Chillin player will make his MDL debut tonight.
Written by: theroadtodrwaldo    October 13th 2020 7:12 pm    #ESEAMDLS35 #Incognito #JoJo #bron #FrostayK #sterling #viz #micro #Axed #cxzi #Mauisnake  

After making Advanced playoffs during the last two seasons, bron has finally made his way into MDL

Josiah "JoJo" Jimenez has been cut from Incognito. In his place, the team have added Bron "bron" Mills from ESEA Advanced side Big Chillin to replace him.

Additionally, has learned that Alex "Mauisnake" Ellenberg will be standing in for the team for their next two matches to help them retain their spot in MDL. Mauisnake's return to the server comes as a result of Sterling "sterling" Allard moving to a part of Canada that only has satellite internet at the moment, rendering him unable to play with the team for the time being. Following these matches, Tommy "Axed" Ryan will play in place of sterling until the end of the season or his internet situation is resolved.

JoJo leaves Third Impact to join Incognito

JoJo originally arrived to replace Danny "cxzi" Strzelcyzk after he left to stand in for Gen.G in EPL. During his brief three map tenure with Incognito, JoJo put up a 0.84 rating as his team fell to New England Whalers, oNe, and ex-Recon 5.

The move reunites bron and Incognito coach, Axed, who were briefly together for about two months with Big Chillin earlier this year. Axed noted that there are no hard feelings between the squad and JoJo, they just felt that bron was a better fit for the team.

With bron joining the team, Incognito are now:

  • us Trevor "FrostayK" Bandle
  • ca Sterling "sterling" Allard
  • us Wesley "viz" Harris
  • us Jack "micro" Ryan
  • us Bron "bron" Mills
  • us Alex "Mauisnake" Ellenberg (Stand-in)
  • us Tommy "Axed" Ryan (Coach)

Incognito's next match will be against ex-Polar Ace tonight at 9:45PM EDT. 

Incognito seek replacement for cxzi

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