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MDL Recap Week 6 - Mythic stream forward
The stream team claimed three wins this week to further solidify their chances of making playoffs.
Written by: Mnmzzz    October 11th 2020 10:02 pm    #ESEAMDLS35 #oNe #Mythic #ex-Recon5 #RussianCanadians #NewEnglandWhalers #Incognito #Rugratz #Rebirth #ex-WarriorsInternational #Eclipse #SecretClub #ex-PolarAce #RBG #Kinship #Depth #ImPerium #ThirdImpact   

Strong performances from adreN this week helped Mythic climb to fourth place

The sixth week of ESEA MDL Season 35 has come to a close, with Mythic standing out as the best team of the week after claiming three wins.

MDL Recap Week 5 - oNe and New England Whalers continue to dominate

Mythic's 16-11 win over Secret Club on Vertigo was their most impressive win in week six, as Secret Club is one of the division's top teams; although it is worth noting the team recently replaced Kyle "Wolffe" Greenfield with Adam "WolfY" Andersson. Additionally, their 16-8  win over Depth on Mirage is nothing to be scoffed at as the MDL rookies have proven themselves to be a strong lineup this season. As for Mythic's victory over ImPerium, it will only add to the latter team's woes as they sit at the bottom of the division with a 1-7 record.

Speaking of ImPerium, outside of their loss to Mythic they had a disastrous week, being handed further losses to Russian Canadians, ex-Polar Ace, and Third Impact.

Third Impact to finish season with tconnors; Koalanoob shifts focus to VALORANT

Some notable matchups for the coming week are:

Matchup Date Time
ca Russian Canadians vs. us Mythic Oct. 13th 7:15PM EDT
us Rebirth  vs. us NE Whalers Oct. 13th 8:30PM EDT
ca RBG vs. us ex-Recon 5 Oct. 13th 8:30PM EDT
us Incognito vs. us Mythic Oct. 14th 8:30PM EDT
us NE Whalers vs. ca RBG Oct. 14th 9:45PM EDT
us Depth vs. us Rugratz Oct. 15th 7:15PM EDT
br oNe vs. us NE Whalers Oct. 15th 7:15PM EDT
br oNe vs. us ex-Recon 5 Oct. 15th 8:30PM EDT

Eclipse add john

With week six coming to a close, the standings for MDL are as follows:

Team Matches Wins Losses RD Points
 br oNe 10 10 0 +90 30
 us New England Whalers 8 8 0 +61 24
 us Secret Club 10 7 3 +34 21
 us Mythic 9 6 3 +20 18
 us Depth 11 6 5 +1 18
 ca Russian Canadians 9 5 4 +22 15
 us Rugratz 9 5 4 -7 15
 us Rebirth 6 4 2 +18 12
 us ex-Polar Ace 9 4 5 +4 12
 us ex-Warriors International 6 3 3 +3 9
 ca RBG 7 3 4 -22 9
 us ex-Recon 5 9 3 6 -41 9
 us Eclipse 8 2 6 -20 6
 us Third Impact 9 2 7 -43 6
 us ImPerium 8 1 7 -64 3
 us Incognito 6 1 5 -28 3
 us Kinship 8 1 7 -28 3

ex-Polar Ace add Noxio

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