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MDL Recap Week 3 - New England Whalers rise to the top
New England Whalers and oNe are the sole remaining teams with their perfect season intact.
Written by: Mnmzzz    September 21st 2020 1:32 am    #ESEAMDLS35 #SwolePatrol #oNe #Mythic #ex-Recon5 #SixthGear #NewEnglandWhalers #Incognito #Rugratz #Rebirth #ex-WarriorsInternational #Eclipse #SecretClub #ex-PolarAce #RBG #Kinship #timbermen #ImPerium #ThirdImpact   

PwnAlone is off to a career-best MDL season

The third week of ESEA MDL Season 35 has concluded, seeing New England Whalers topple Secret Club to climb to first place while claiming a perfect 6-0 regular season record thus far.

MDL Recap Week 2 - Secret Club continue perfect season

In their first match of the week, New England Whalers faced off against Secret Club, narrowly besting them 16-13 game on Overpass thus ending Secret Club's perfect season. As for their second game of the week, it was more one-sided in New England Whaler's favor as they bested Sixth Gear 16-9 on Inferno.

The sole other team in the division to still have a perfect record is oNe, with the Brazilians maintaining it with confident fashion with dominant 16-3 and 16-4 wins against Rugratz and ImPerium, respectively. 

With the addition of Austin "RenZ" Dickman, ex-Polar Ace also had a strong showing in week three, climbing up to sixth place following wins over ex-Recon 5, Kinship, and ex-Warriors International.

In unfortunate news, this week also saw Swole Patrol disband and forfeit their spot in ESEA MDL Season 35 before playing a single match.

Swole Patrol disband

This next week does not currently have any MDL matches scheduled, with sources close to ESEA telling that they elected to leave the week open as a now-cancelled DreamHack event was set to have its qualifiers take place.

With that being said, some notable matchups two weeks from now are:

Matchup Date Time
br oNe vs. us Depth Sep. 29th 7:15PM EDT
us NE Whalers  vs. us ex-Recon 5 Sep. 29th 8:30PM EDT
us Third Impact vs. ca RBG Sep. 29th 9:45PM EDT
us Rugratz vs. us ex-Recon 5 Sep. 30th 8:30PM EDT
br oNe vs. us ex-Polar Ace Sep. 30th 9:45PM EDT
us ImPerium vs. ca RBG Sep. 30th 9:45PM EDT
br oNe vs. us Mythic Oct. 1st 7:15PM EDT
us ImPerium vs. us Depth Oct. 1st 8:30PM EDT
us Incognito vs. us NE Whalers Oct. 1st 8:30PM EDT
us Secret Club vs. us ex-Polar Ace Oct. 1st 9:45PM EDT
ca Sixth Gear vs. us ex-Recon 5 Oct. 1st 9:45PM EDT

Incognito seek replacement for cxzi

With week three coming to a close, the standings for MDL are as follows:

Team Matches Wins Losses RD Points
 us New England Whalers 6 6 0 +41 18
 us Secret Club 7 6 1 +37 18
 br oNe 5 5 0 +49 15
 us Mythic 5 3 2 +7 9
 us Depth 6 3 3 -4 9
 ca Sixth Gear 6 3 3 +9 9
 us Rugratz 6 3 3 -14 9
 ca RBG 7 3 4 -22 9
 us ex-Polar Ace 5 3 2 +10 9
 us ex-Warriors International 5 2 3 0 6
 us Eclipse 6 2 4 -12 6
 us ImPerium 3 1 2 -23 3
 us Third Impact 6 1 5 -28 3
 us Rebirth 2 1 1 -3 3
 us Incognito 3 1 2 -4 3
 us Kinship 7 1 6 -18 3
 us ex-Recon 5 5 1 4 -25 3

timbermen take the dive with Depth

#1 parks2214
2020-09-21 09:44
Third Impact got a win, and Mythic is still within top 8. I'm happy
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