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MDL Recap Week 2 - Secret Club continue perfect season
The young roster is proving to be a force to be reckoned with this season.
Written by: Mnmzzz    September 13th 2020 11:47 pm    #ESEAMDLS35 #SwolePatrol #oNe #Mythic #ex-Recon5 #SixthGear #NewEnglandWhalers #Incognito #Rugratz #Rebirth #ex-WarriorsInternational #Eclipse #SecretClub #ex-PolarAce #RBG #Kinship #timbermen #ImPerium #ThirdImpact   

reck and co. have continued to out frag their opposition

Week two of ESEA MDL Season 35 has come to a close, with Secret Club, New England Whalers, and oNe holding onto the top of the division with perfect records.

MDL Recap Week 1 - Secret Club power to first in debut week

Of the three squads with their perfect season intact, Secret Club continues to be the standout lineup among them as they climbed up to a 5-0 record this week with decisive victories over Kinship, Third Impact, and Incognito. New England Whalers also had a stellar week, with Brendan "Bwills" Williams integrating into the lineup well as they secured confident wins over timbermen, Mythic, and Third Impact.

Looking towards the very bottom of the division, Third Impact have continued to have a dismal start to the season, with the team sitting at a 0-5 record following losses to oNe, Secret Club, and New England Whalers. The team's sole respite is that they only have one match this week against Kinship, which should give them more time to integrate Eric "ERIC" W. into the lineup.

Week three will also see Swole Patrol make their debut. The highest rated team in the division is set to play three matches this week against the likes of ImPerium, oNe, and timbermen.

Third Impact round out roster with ERIC

Some notable matchups for the upcoming week are:

Matchup Date Time
us ImPerium vs. us Swole Patrol Sep 15th 8:30PM EDT
us Rugratz  vs. br oNe Sep 15th 8:30PM EDT
us NE Whalers vs. us Secret Club Sep 16th 8:30PM EDT
us Rugratz vs. ca RBG Sep 16th 9:45PM EDT
us ImPerium vs. br oNe Sep 16th 9:45PM EDT
ca Sixth Gear vs. us NE Whalers Sep 17th 7:15PM EDT
us Swole Patrol vs. br oNe Sep 17th 7:15PM EDT
us Mythic vs. us Incognito Sep 17th 8:30PM EDT
us Swole Patrol vs. us timbermen Sep 17th 9:45PM EDT
us Secret Club vs. us ex-Recon 5 Sep 17th 11PM EDT

ex-Warriors International look to stabilize with kber and armen

With two weeks completed, the standings for MDL are as follows:

Team Matches Wins Losses RD Points
 us Secret Club 5 5 0 +37 15
 us New England Whalers 4 4 0 +31 12
 br oNe 3 3 0 +24 9
 us timbermen 4 3 1 +12 9
 ca Sixth Gear 5 3 2 +16 9
 us Mythic 4 2 2 +1 6
 ca RBG 5 2 3 -25 6
 us ImPerium 1 1 0 +2 3
 us Rebirth 1 1 0 +8 3
 us Rugratz 3 1 2 -16 3
 us ex-Warriors International 3 1 2 -4 3
 us Kinship 5 1 4 -8 3
 us Eclipse 4 1 3 -18 3
 us ex-Recon 5 3 1 2 -12 3
 us Swole Patrol 0 0 0 0 0
 us ex-Polar Ace 2 0 2 -6 0
 us Incognito 1 0 1 -6 0
 us Third Impact 5 0 5 -36 0

ImPerium invited to MDL Season 35 to replace Positive Vibes Only

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