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MAC is back, back again
MAC is back, tell a friend.
Written by: theroadtodrwaldo    August 30th 2020 11:07 pm    #MAC-1 #VALORANT #ESEA #MDL#Advanced #Season35  

It'll either be a homecoming to CS:GO or a transition to VALORANT for MAC-1

After taking a brief hiatus to focus on his music career Jared "MAC-1" Schneider has announced his intent to return to the server and coach a CS:GO or VALORANT team. He is doing so with a renewed sense of dedication and desire to recreate his image in a more positive light.

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MAC-1's most successful coaching endeavor to date was the time that he spent with Singularity. In nearly a year with MAC-1 at the helm the team qualified for the Americas Minor for the StarLadder Major in Berlin, where they finished just one best-of-three short of the main event. The squad also represented the United States at WESG 2018, where they made playoffs before being eliminated by Valiance, featuring the current G2 duo of Nemanja "huNter" Kovač and Nemanja "nexa" Isaković. 

When contacted by, MAC-1 noted that the biggest things that he is looking for in a team right now are promise, a willingness to listen, and an eagerness to learn. He is confident that his time away from the game has given him an improved sense of patience and maturity, while also noting that his trial with Envy as an assistant coach has reinforced his confidence in his analytic skill set.

ex-Warriors International complete roster with Ryze and vein

MAC-1 also confirmed that if he comes back to CS:GO he would prefer to coach an ESEA MDL Season 35 side, but would also take on a promising ESEA Advanced side if the fit was right. There are currently ten MDL sides that don't have a coach listed for this upcoming season.

If MAC-1 makes the transition to VALORANT he would prefer to coach a team that is already pro or can consistently make it through open qualifiers for events.

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#1 verizon
2020-08-30 23:55
what happened to the rap career lol wtf
#2 zeptic
2020-08-31 00:13
not enough cocaine
#4 DiSCO
2020-08-31 14:15
never enough
#3 006_tv
2020-08-31 07:34
Mac is back!

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