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FACEIT introduce FPL Cups and other changes
The first FPL Cup will be organized by Mythic League.
Written by: Mnmzzz    August 24th 2020 6:40 pm    #FACEIT #FPL #FPLCups #FPL-C #Brian #FPLMentor  

FACEIT have announced a number of changes to their PUG platform, with the primary focus being on the addition of bi-weekly cups that will feature a minimum prizepool of $3,000 and a way to earn promotion to FPL and FPL-C.

FACEIT have also announced their plans to introduce an "FPL mentor" to North America that will provide input and advice for young players in the division to improve their performance. For reference, former HellRaisers and mousesports coach Sergey "lmbt" Bezhanov was announced as Europe's FPL mentor. Additionally, FACEIT have hired Brian "Brian" Oliver as their social media manager to improve communication with players in FPL and FPL-C.

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The addition of FPL Cups has also seen the total weekly prizepool for FPL reduced from $40,000 to $20,000 per month, moving it in line with the European FPL division. With this, the money has been reallocated towards supporting team competition in North America, a feature that has been highly requested by the community, and recently introduced by ESEA through their own cash cups.

Along with the $3,000 prize each cup will offer the winning team fifteen points per players, with players who have the most points at the end of a two-month timespan being offered spots in FPL and FPL-C. FACEIT have also stated that they will be working with tournament organizers to handle the organization of the tournament and potentially increase the prizepool of events.

Although FACEIT have yet to announce a number of details for their first FPL Cup, Mythic League are set to host the first event sometime in the coming weeks.

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