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Iceberg wins Strong Legs Cup 3
After a long day of matches Iceberg took down F1-racecar-PEEK to take home the lions share of the $1,000 prize.
Written by: devil    December 24th 2017 11:45 am    #Iceberg #F1-racecar-PEEK #StrongsLegs #StrongLegsCup #StrongLegsCup3  

Another jam packed day of matches has finally concluded with Iceberg claiming a win over F1-racecar-PEEK to take first place in Strong Legs Cup 3.

The event came to it's conclusion when the two teams met on Train in the finals. Iceberg took an early lead on their T-side with five consecutive rounds before F1-racecar-PEEK responded with four of their own. The rest of the first half was was a back and forth affair until it ended 9-6. After switching sides, Iceberg ran away with the map, only dropping a single round before they won out 16-7.

The Strong Legs Cup 3 top four are as follows:

1. nam Iceberg - $700 (crux, stellar, hades, tconnors, emode)
2. us F1-racecar-PEEK - $300 (lanhero, Orbit, Spongey, tropiiical, koga)
3-4. us SoaR (Snakes, xCeed, Grim, voltage, mCe)
3-4. us LFAO (PwnAlone, karanni, paperboy, Rustun, REOVA)

Other notable teams and how they placed can be found below:

5-8. us Etherian (Kwong, Strings, oSee, motm, Infinite)
5-8. ca HereToTakegMdsMoney (dapr, FNS, AZK, smL, Subroza)
9-16. us Swole Patrol (SileNt, freakazoid, Zellsis, cooper, ryann)
17-32. us Guerilla Tactics (fiziq, Berghy, coachj, obo, winsum, retrQ)
17-32. us buying gf (masq, JPOW, shawcsgo, walrus, bdqx1)
33-64. us ex-Naventic (aproto, Fighter, impsta, kaboose, TenZ)

The full bracket can be found here.

Both teams can be found competing in ESEA MDL League next month when the season kicks off on January 21.

#1 006_tv
2017-12-24 15:41
Like emode a lot, congrats to him and his team!
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