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stellar leaves AA; retires from CS:GO
stellar's peak in CS:GO was in late-2019 with, notably attending the Season 29 Global Challenge.
Written by: Mnmzzz    July 27th 2020 6:40 pm    #ESEAMDLS35 #stellar #nero #robby #droid #zeptic  

stellar has turned his attention to VALORANT like many players in recent months

Brenden "stellar" McGrath has retired from CS:GO and parted ways with AA to focus on VALORANT, the player has confirmed with

Prospects VALORANT add tex and witmer

stellar's most recent series in CS:GO was at the start of July in Mythic Invite League, where AA were eliminated following a 2-1 loss to oNe. His focus in recent months has been in VALORANT playing for Mixup, a lineup consisting of former CS:GO players including the likes of Alex "aproto" Protopapas, Lucas "Fiziq" Blow, and Brady "thief" Dever. With this lineup stellar has enjoyed modest success, winning Nerd Street Gamers Open 13 at the start of July.

In CS:GO, stellar's career notably included a second place finish at Fragadelphia 14 with Divine, and two ESEA MDL Global Challenges appearances with and Party Astronauts.

Without stellar, AA are now:

  • us Robert "robby" Brown
  • us Damian "droid" Boulware
  • us Matthew "nero" Seymour
  • us Nick "zeptic" Kaoud

AA will be looking to find a new fifth ahead of the start of ESEA MDL Season 35 on August 31st.

Complexity enter VALORANT with Xp3, agM, and C0M

#1 zeptic
2020-07-27 18:42
brenden looking handsome as always
#2 Droid
2020-07-27 18:43
#3 006_tv
2020-07-27 19:17
Rip :(
#4 DiSCO
2020-07-27 22:01
thats a big rip
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