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Ze Pug Godz win Mythic Summer Cup #1 over Triumph
You're seeing this too, right ESEA?
Written by: theroadtodrwaldo    July 20th 2020 1:24 pm    #Mythic #SummerCup1 #ZePugGodz #Triumph #NewEnglandWhalers #Yeah #AA #SwedishCanadians #Kinship #Levitate #FalleN #Grim #ANDROID #ben1337 #curry #Spongey #Zellsis #Infinite  

Infinite top fragged in two of Ze Pug Godz's three series last night en route to the event title

Mythic's Summer Cup 1 played out in its entirety yesterday, with Ze Pug Godz taking the crown and the $2,000 top prize.

Mythic Summer Cup 1 announced with $3,000 prizepool

Only one of the opening matchups went to three maps as Levitate and Whalers needed overtime in map three to settle things. The rest of the matchups were clear cut 2-0 series, as Triumph dispatched AA, Yeah bested Swedish Canadians, and Ze Pug Godz held Kinship to just ten rounds in two maps.

There was a lot of CS:GO to be had in the subsquent series however, with two more maps heading to overtime and two regulation maps being decided by three rounds or less. Triumph squared off with Yeah (featuring Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo in place of Victor "iDk" Torraca) in the first semifinal, starting with a thirty-round victory on Nuke. Yeah would eventually claw away Inferno in overtime to force map three, but Triumph remained true to their name on Overpass and closed out the series with a strong T-side. Michael "Grim" Wince topped the server with 83 kills in the series, while FalleN led the way with 61 for the losing side.

Mythic Summer Series Cup 1
Best of three maps
1 - 2
de_nuke 14 - 16 de_nuke
de_inferno 19 - 17 de_inferno
de_overpass 9 - 16 de_overpass

The subsequent semifinal featured Ze Pug Godz and New England Whalers. Once Whalers stole away Ze Pug Godz's map pick of Mirage, things weren't looking too good heading into Overpass, where the Whalers had battered Levitate in their last series. But lightning wouldn't strike twice for Whalers as Ze Pug Godz stole their map pick to jump start a convincing reverse sweep. Bradley "ANDROID" Fodor chalked up a server high 71 frags for the victors, while Ben "ben1337" Smith tallied 61 in the loss for Whalers.

Mythic Summer Series Cup 1
Best of three maps
Ze Pug Godz
2 - 1
New England Whalers
de_mirage 11 - 16 de_mirage
de_overpass 16 - 13 de_overpass
de_nuke 16 - 7 de_nuke

Triumph, Ze Pug Godz qualify for DreamHack Open Summer 2020

Triumph and Ze Pug Godz then met in the late night series to battle for the bigger share of the prize pool. Things started dead even on the first half of Mirage, with Triumph barely etching out a 8-7 advantage. From there the stags would only allow Ze Pug Godz one round following the side swap, successfully breaking down the CT defense time and time again. Rahul "curry" Nemani and Gabe "Spongey" Greiner joined Grim in the 20 frag club, while Jordan "Zellsis" Montemurro was the only member of Ze Pug Godz to reach that mark.

But once again, Ze Pug Godz were able to steal away their opponent's pick of Overpass, this time doing so in overtime. The kill distribution was very even for Ze Pug Godz as ANDROID led in the fragging department again, posting 31 kills. Grim bested all players in the server with 33, but the rest of his team was a cut below Ze Pug Godz as the series headed to a decider on Nuke.

That final map was all Ze Pug Godz. They started with a solid 10-5 CT-side and then completely locked Triumph out of the game with a flawless second half. Gage "Infinite" Green top fragged this time with 23 frags in the series-clinching win, while curry's 16 were the best Triumph could muster as their stars stopped shining in the final moments of the tournament. 

Mythic Summer Series Cup 1
Best of three maps
1 - 2
Ze Pug Godz
de_mirage 16 - 8 de_mirage
de_overpass 17 - 19 de_overpass
de_nuke 5 - 16 de_nuke

The final standings of Mythic Summer Cup #1 are:

    1. us Ze Pug Godz - $2,000
    2. us Triumph - $1,000
3-4. us New England Whalers
3-4. br Yeah
5-8. us Levitate
5-8. us AA
5-8. ca Swedish Canadians
5-8. us Kinship

With a series of results against an ESEA MDL Season 33 Global Challenge playoff team, the ESEA MDL Season 34 regular season champions, and one of the locked-in ESEA MDL Season 34 Relegation teams, Ze Pug Godz will be very pleased with their showing at Mythic Summer Cup #1. It adds yet another accomplishment to a growing list of reasons that they should be among the contenders for the sole invite to ESEA MDL Season 34 Relegation, beginning on August 18th.

Kinship, oNe, Ze Pug Godz, Yeah advance to DreamHack Open Summer 2020 Closed Qualifier

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2020-07-20 13:33
Ze Swole Godz
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2020-07-20 20:02
ZPG is looking pretty good
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