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Warriors International replace SummY with voo
This will be the Canadian caster's first time coaching in ESEA's top division.
Written by: Mnmzzz    May 24th 2020 12:44 am    #ESEAMDLS34 #WarriorsInternational #Trivium #hyper #bokumbop #Top^ #Hendy #walker #SummY #Koi #voo  

Warriors International have replaced head coach Owen "SummY" Mustard with Donald "voo" Parkhurst. 

Trivium join Warriors International, add Koi

Walker "walker" Harris told that the team made the decision to part ways with SummY as a result of a desire for a more experienced coach during the latter half of their first season of MDL. walker also mentioned the time difference as a factor in the move, as SummY was coaching them remotely from the United Kingdom.

SummY told that he plans on focusing on EU FPL-C and Rank G for the time being while also being on the lookout for a Main or Advanced lineup.

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As for SummY's replacement, voo is a relatively fresh face to the world of coaching, having briefly coached TGS this season before stepping in as a stand-in. Therefore, his experience as a caster for ESEA and WINNERS League will need to be leveraged by Warriors International as they look to make playoffs in their debut season of MDL.

With voo taking over as coach, Warriors International are now:

  • us Brett "hyper" Rhein
  • us Daniel "bokumbop" Yoo
  • us Wyatt "Top^" Beakler
  • us Derek "Hendy" Hendrixson
  • ca Walker "walker" Harris
  • ca Donald "voo" Parkhurst (Coach)
  • us Colin "Koi" Thor (Assistant Coach/Analyst)

Warriors International are currently in sixth place in ESEA MDL Season 34 and are also currently competing in WINNERS League Season 4 Invite with one loss thus far against Chaos. Additionally, they are set to compete in Mythic Invite League Season 1, with the  league's first matches set to commence on May 24th.

Trivium add SummY as coach

#1 006_tv
2020-05-24 14:38
Nice, liked his casting, hope he does well
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