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FPL Recap - Turkish delight for Calyx
We're running out of Envy puns.
Written by: theroadtodrwaldo    May 12th 2020 2:16 pm    #FPL #Calyx #miniature #dapr #dazzLe #s0m #RZU #cxzi #wippie #Cooper- #food #no_one #ANDROID #ptr #Rampage #vanity #nosraC #floppy #Sonic #moose #tarik #motm #NAF #pesadelo  

Calyx finished the week on a two match win streak to top the FPL ladder and win $3,000

The first week of May FPL has come to an end, which saw a return to higher match volumes being requisite to cash out. The higher volume was no problem for Buğra "Calyx" Arkın, who was among the players with the most matches played and was also tied for the most wins this week. Calyx won fifteen of his 22 matches to kick off his May campaign with a victory.

FPL Recap - ANDROID reigns supreme in inactive week

The top twenty players for the first week of May were:

Rank Player Points Prize
1. tr Buğra "Calyx" Arkın 1,571 $3,000
2. us Blake "miniature" Gittins 1,555 $2,000
3. us Michael "dapr" Gulino 1,540 $1,000
4. us Will "dazzLe" Loafman 1,538 $800
5. us Sam "s0m" Oh 1,536 $700
6. us Jeff "RZU" Ngo 1,534 $600
7. us Danny "cxzi" Strzelcyzk 1,532 $500
8. ru Maxim "wippie" Shepelev 1,528 $500
8. us Austin "Cooper-" Abadir 1,528 $450
10. us Victor "food" Wong 1,526 $450
11. us Matthew "no_one" Congdon 1,525  
12. ca Bradley "ANDROID" Fodor 1,522  
13. us Peter "ptr" Gurney 1,521  
14. us Ramal "Rampage" Silva 1,518  
15. us Anthony "vanity" Malaspina 1,516  
16. us Carson "nosraC" O'Reilly 1,514  
17. us Ricky "floppy" Kemery 1,506  
17. za Aran "Sonic" Groesbeek 1,506  
17. ca Kaleb "moose" Jayne 1,506  
17. us Tarik "tarik" Celik 1,506  
17. us Ian "motm" Hardy 1,506  
17. ca Keith "NAF" Markovic 1,506  
17. br Matheus "pesadelo" Panisset 1,506  

The full leaderboard can be found here.

FPL Recap - wippie doubles up his April championship tally

Calyx was joined by Will "dazzLe" Loafman at the top of the wins column with fifteen, though dazzLe's extra six games to reach that mark resulted in just a fourth place finish. The podium was instead occupied by Blake "miniature" Gittins and Michael "dapr" Gulino, who finished second and third, respectively. Victor "food" Wong grabbed a parting gift from the CS:GO scene this week, finishing tenth to grab $450 to spend on VALORANT skins.

Bad News Bears was the best represented team in this week's top twenty, seeing three players make the cut between the two top-five finishes from dazzLe and dapr and a 13th place finish for Peter "ptr" Gurney.

T1 confirm addition of food to VALORANT roster

#1 006_tv
2020-05-12 17:00
“Finishing 10th to grab $450 to buy valorant skins”

Well played
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