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Keep Up the Comms cut miniature
miniature has found himself on the outs less a week into the season.
Written by: Mnmzzz    May 4th 2020 3:50 pm    #ESEAMDLS34 #KeepTheCommsUp #picky #JonahP #FrostayK #sterling #zeptic #miniature #Meech  

Keep Up the Comms have cut Blake "miniature" Gittins and will be looking for a new fifth.

Keep The Comms Up liven up the channels with picky and yLevii

A source close to the team told that miniature was cut due to motivation problems and a lack of experience.  In his first MDL season, Season 33, miniature posted a 0.88 rating over the course of thirteen maps.

With miniature out of the team, Keep Up the Comms is now:

  • ca Jonah "JonahP" Pulice
  • us Trevor "FrostayK" Bandle
  • ca Sterling "sterling" Allard
  • us Nick "zeptic" Kaoud
  • us Cole "Meech" Salm (Coach)
  • us Daniel "picky" Milazzo (Substitute)

Keep Up the Comms currently have a 1-0 record in ESEA  MDL Season 34 and are set to play their second match of the season against Morning Light on May 5th at 9PM EDT.

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