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Favorites and Singularity cruise through WINNERS League quarterfinals
All four series were quick 2-0 victories, with only Mythic reaching double digits.
Written by: Mnmzzz    January 21st 2020 8:53 am    #WINNERSLeague #FACEIT #Mythic #INTZ #Singularity #Station7 #RiotSquad #Chaos #SwolePatrol #Triumph  

SicK has continued his streak of good form with Singularity

The quarterfinals of WINNERS League Season 3 Invite have come to a close, with Riot Squad, Swole Patrol, INTZ, and Singularity all winning their respective series without much trouble.

Singularity and Riot Squad charge ahead in WINNERS League playoffs; eUnited handed Mythical upset

The first quarterfinal series back on January 16th ended up being the closest of the four, with Riot Squad taking down Mythic 2-0, but not before the stream team managed to find double digits on Mirage and Inferno.

WINNERS League Season 3 North America
Best of three maps
Riot Squad
2 - 0
de_mirage 16 - 11 de_mirage
de_inferno 16 - 10 de_inferno
de_dust2 de_dust2

As for Swole Patrol versus Station7, Swole Patrol decisively beat the rebranded MDL squad, winning Inferno 16-4 before following it up with a quick 16-5 win on Dust2.

WINNERS League Season 3 North America
Best of three maps
Swole Patrol
2 - 0
de_inferno 16 - 4 de_inferno
de_dust2 16 - 5 de_dust2
de_mirage de_mirage

Mythic announce addition of DAVEY, return of Polen for Season 33

The next series between INTZ and Triumph saw the Brazilian squad continue their recent string of strong performances on Vertigo as they claimed a 16-4 win on the map before finishing Triumph off with a 16-9 scoreline on Dust2.

WINNERS League Season 3 North America
Best of three maps
2 - 0
de_vertigo 16 - 4 de_vertigo
de_dust2 16 - 9 de_dust2
de_nuke de_nuke

The final series of the quarterfinals was no different as the Singularity mixteam featuring the likes of Kaleb "moose" Jayne" and Shahzeb "ShahZaM" Khan made quick work of Chaos, who were using Anthony "vanity" Malaspina in place of Maxim "wippie" Shepelev.

Starting on Nuke,  Singularity narrowly won their CT-side 8-7 before putting up a perfect T-side to win the map 16-7. On Overpass Singularity continued to outperform Chaos, taking them down 16-9 to close out the series.

WINNERS League Season 3 North America
Best of three maps
0 - 2
de_nuke 7 - 16 de_nuke
de_overpass 9 - 16 de_overpass
de_inferno de_inferno

vanity to stand-in for wippie in WINNERS League

With the quarterfinals complete, the yet to be semifinals matches look as follows:

us Swole Patrol vs. us Singularity
br INTZ vs. us Riot Squad

Asuna's Anime Aimers part ways with Recon 5; look to click heads with TenZ

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2020-01-21 12:52
Mythic are nuts
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