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Oderus and Swole Patrol part ways
The 20-year-old has announced his search for a team.
Written by: Nohte    January 12th 2020 4:39 pm    #EPLS10 #EPLS10Relegation #ESEAMDLS33 #Oderus #SwolePatrol #swag #neptune #kaboose #wrath #fRoD  

With Swole Patrol looking to WARDELL, Oderus helped out Recon 5 in the DreamHack Open Leipzig qualifier

Chad "Oderus" Miller has announced that he is looking for a team, signaling his departure from Swole Patrol after a short two month tenure.

Swole Patrol buffs up with kaboose, oderus, and wrath

Although Oderus made no appearances with Swole Patrol on HLTV, the team spent the past months competing in the Invite division of WINNERS League Season 3, achieving a playoff berth courtesy of a 6-1 record in their group. The team are set to face off against ex-iNTACT on Tuesday at 9 PM EDT in their first playoff match, and as such, will need to finalize a replacement for Oderus post-haste.

More recently, the team were seen competing in the qualifier for DreamHack Open Leipzig alongside Yassine "Subroza" Taoufik and Matthew "WARDELL" Yu, with the players taking the place of Collin "wrath" McSweegan and Oderus, respectively. The team were unable to reach the Closed Qualifier, however, as they were eliminated following a 5-16 loss to INTZ in the Round of 16.

Swole Patrol set to use a couple old Ghosts for DreamHack Open qualifier; EPL Relegation

Prior to Oderus' addition, Swole Patrol ended their ESL Pro League Season 10 campaign in 13-16th place, which would normally result in needing to fight for their spot through Relegation. The team's future in the league is currently unknown, however, as changes to the qualification process indicate the organizer may be transitioning to a global format that merges the European and American regions.

On top of this, ESL have yet to announce how the Relegation process will play out for the current season, resulting in the delay of MDL Season 33. were previously informed that Swole Patrol intend to use the same roster for Relegation as in the DreamHack Open Leipzig qualifier, given that wrath is inelligible to participate due to playing the early portion of the season under the Singularity banner.

ESL announce overhaul of Global Challenge & Pro League qualification process

Swole Patrol are now left with:

  • us Braxton "swag" Pierce
  • us Jason "neptune" Tran
  • us Jake "kaboose" McDonald
  • us Collin "wrath" McSweegan
  • us Daniel "fRoD" Montaner (Coach)

ESEA push back start of MDL

#1 Mauisnake
2020-01-14 04:41
#2 tolkienfanatic
2020-01-14 09:42
Let’s go Chad! That’s Oderus btw, you use his first name cuz you’re cool like that but it’s not a big deal or anything.
#4 Nohte
2020-01-14 17:47
How do you do, fellow kids?
#3 verizon
2020-01-14 13:04
would make a solid addition to some advanced team
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