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iNTACT players search for organization and coach
The recently promoted squad are now looking for a new organization for Season 33.
Written by: Mnmzzz    December 26th 2019 5:32 pm    #ESEAAS32 #ESEAMDLS33 #iNTACT #ex-iNTACT #nosraC #Reality #opportunity #retrQ #AustiN   

After qualifying to ESEA MDL Season 33 through relegation, Alexander "retrQ" Kadan has announced that the team formerly playing under iNTACT will be looking for a new home next season.

retrQ told that the team had no complaints during their time with iNTACT.

However, with the organization only paying league fees, the players are now searching for an organization that can provide more opportunities as the team are now in a higher division. Additionally, retrQ mentioned that the team are also looking for a coach for next season.

ex-iNTACT's roster is:

  • us Carson "nosraC" O'Reilly
  • us Riley "Reality" Fusch
  • us Caleb "opportunity" Davis
  • us Austin "AAustiN" Urb
  • us Alexander "retrQ" Kadan

The start of Season 33 is right around the corner, with the first matches set to be scheduled for January 13th.

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