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Recon 5 win ESEA Advanced Season 32 to qualify for MDL
Recon 5 heads to MDL while five teams will have the chance to fight through relegation.
Written by: Nohte    December 9th 2019 1:22 am    #ESEAAdvancedS33 #GorillaGang #iNTACT #ThunderLogic #Faint #Oceanus #Clarity #absolutemadlads #Recon5 #Brazen #Rebirth #Precision #ETHEREAL #timbermen #DrawntoFulfillment #GoodGamePR #Rebirth  

Recon 5 have qualified for ESEA MDL Season 33 following an undefeated run through the playoffs bracket, starting as the number eight seed and managing to sustain all the way through to the grand finals, where they were met by Faint.

Faint to Advanced Grand Finals over Thunder Logic

Recon 5 entered the best-of-five grand final with a one-map advantage over Danny "cxzi" Strzelczyk's side, having already bested the team in the upper bracket semifinals to force them to fight through the lower bracket.

Faint fared worse in the rematch than the initial matchup as their map pick, Nuke, saw Recon 5 dominate on the defense, locking out the half for a 12-3 scoreline. Another four rounds following the side swap had Recon 5 swiftly claim the first map of the series, leaving them just one victory away from a spot in MDL.

Recon 5 best Thunder Logic to secure Advanced finals berth; Faint eliminate iNTACT

Inferno began much the same, seeing Recon 5 run up an 11-4 lead on the T-side by halftime. Faint sustained following the side swap for a handful of rounds, thanks in part to a 1vs4 clutch from cxzi against pistols from Recon 5, but ultimately Norman "contii" Yeung and company were able to prevail to net a 16-8 win.

ESEA Advanced Season 32 North America
Best of five maps
Recon 5
3 - 0
de_default de_default
de_nuke 16 - 3 de_nuke
de_inferno 16 - 8 de_inferno
de_train de_train
de_mirage de_mirage

The final standings for the top sixteen teams in Advanced Season 32 look as follows:

1. us Recon 5 (Kanpeki, freshie, Asuna, castro, contii) - $4,500 + MDL Season 33
2. us Faint (sterling, bite, droid, welly, cxzi) - $3,000 + MDL Season 32 Relegation
3. us Thunder Logic (JazzPimp, Andersin, rabbit, Inseaniac, PureR) - $2,250 + MDL Season 32 Relegation
4. us iNTACT (nosraC, Reality, opportunity, retrQ, AAustiN) - $2,250 + MDL Season 32 Relegation
5-6. ca Oceanus (tENSKI, KOLER, Melio, J0LZ, KmZ) - $750 + MDL Season 32 Relegation 
5-6. us Rebirth (battery, stamina, Magic1an, ShoukR, Eric) - $750 + MDL Season 32 Relegation
7-8. us ETHEREAL (Rampage, fdeN, xeboda, w0w, Acrim)
7-8. us Gorilla Gang (MAC-1, ReckMONSTER, ALEKSANDAR, leaf, Ryze)
9-12. us Brazen (figment, ara, Reagan, Bunny, ChurmZ)
9-12. us timbermen (dare, snav, insane, shane, violent)
9-12. us Precision (miniature, kriks, Reptar, xCore, exempt-_0)
9-12. us Drawn to Fulfillment (V3tis, SPAMMER, Burt^, Blakers, kber)
13-16. us Clarity (mada, naes, aris, chop, grape)
13-16. us Good Game PR (Wolffe, quick, micro, hate, viz)
13-16. us absolute mad lads (OCEAN, FIEND, MoMo, Lacore, aSauce)
13-16. ca DEFY (retchy, shanks, poised, Marved, cJ)

ESEA announce Season 33 details; to offer EPL promotion

#1 honeybunch
2019-12-09 01:58
GJ recon 5
#2 Whataretheythinking
2019-12-09 08:17
Now if they're smart they will kick Contii and pick up someone good.
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