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Recon 5 best Thunder Logic to secure Advanced finals berth; Faint eliminate iNTACT
Recon 5 have continued to notch upsets as they took down Thunder Logic in the upper bracket final.
Written by: Mnmzzz    December 4th 2019 11:28 am     #ESEAAS32 #ESEAMDLS33 #ThunderLogic #Recon5 #Faint #iNTACT   

The winners' finals and the losers' finals in ESEA Advanced Season 32 were played out last night, leaving just three teams in contention to claim the direct qualification spot to ESEA MDL Season 33. 

Recon 5 to Advanced upper bracket final; Gorilla Gang, ETHEREAL eliminated

Staring off with the losers' finals, Faint managed to eliminate iNTACT with a close 2-1 victory, notching a win over the second seeded team in the bracket.

Despite iNTACT initially claiming a 4-1 lead to kick off Faint's map pick of Nuke, Sterling "sterling" Allard and company managed to take eight out of the next ten rounds to win the half 9-6. Following this, Faint maintained control for the remainder of the map, climbing up to a 15-7 lead before eventually securing the map 16-10.

Moving onto Inferno, Faint looked primed to quickly end the series as sterling helped his team to mount a strong CT-side, seeing them end the half up 11-4. However, once the two squads switched sides, Faint were incapable of cracking iNTACT's defenses, with iNTACT only conceding two rounds to force a third map with a 16-13 scoreline.

With the series tied, someone seemingly brought Faint the smelling salts as they were roused into action on Vertigo, overpowering iNTACT's CT-side to end the half up 10-5. Following the side swap, Faint let iNTACT climb into double digits, but they never conceded the lead as they ended up claiming the map 16-12. 

ESEA Advanced Season 32 North America
Best of three maps
2 - 1
de_nuke 16 - 10 de_nuke
de_inferno 13 - 16 de_inferno
de_vertigo 16 - 12 de_vertigo

MDL Season 32 All-Star voting commences

Over in the winners' finals, Recon 5 managed to take down Thunder Logic in a close 2-1 series.

Starting on Train, Recon 5 began the half in the lead as Eric "Kanpeki" Xu's side claimed five out of the first seven rounds. Thunder Logic mobilized on the defense to take control of the latter portions of the half however, allowing them a 9-6 scoreline. After switching sides, Thunder Logic quickly climbed up to map point, winning six out of the first seven rounds on their T-side. Recon 5 were almost able to force overtime as they regrouped and won the next five rounds in a row, but the team were unable to maintain their streak, allowing Thunder Logic to claim Train 16-12.

After a close end to Train, Nuke started off being incredibly one-sided in Recon 5's favor as they dominated Thunder Logic to rack up a 13-2 lead. With their backs against the wall, Thunder Logic managed to rebound, holding off Recon 5 by claiming seven rounds in a row on their CT-side to close the deficit to just four rounds. Unfortunately for them, after being battered on their T-side, Recon 5 finally managed to start winning rounds as they overpowered Thunder Logic to win Nuke 16-10 and force the series onto Mirage.

The first half of Mirage was largely indecisive as, after Recon 5 claimed a 7-2 start, Thunder Logic were able to win the majority of the remaining rounds to end the half up by one round. Moving onto their CT-side, Thunder Logic continued to look strong as they won the first four rounds. However, once Recon 5's economy was built up, they only conceded one more round before winning six in a row to take the map 16-12.

ESEA Advanced Season 32 North America
Best of three maps
Thunder Logic
1 - 2
Recon 5
de_train 16 - 12 de_train
de_nuke 10 - 16 de_nuke
de_mirage 12 - 16 de_mirage

EliGE: "The CS schedule is completely terrible and it seems like there's no fix in sight"

The final matchups of the season will be:

Consolidation Finals
us Thunder Logic   vs.  us Faint
Grand Finals
us Recon 5 vs. us Thunder Logic/Faint Winner

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