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ESEA S32 Global Challenge talent announced, DAVEY to host
The former Splyce IGL headlines the talent list for ESEA's largest LAN of the year.
Written by: notblondemonkey    December 2nd 2019 5:39 pm    #DAVEY #DarfMike #MagicHelmet #wolfy6678 #voo #PythianLegume #Boggs #ESEA #MDL #Season32 #GlobalChallenge #RiotSquad #INTZ #FNS  

ESEA have announced the broadcast talent for the MDL Season 32 Global Challenge, which will take place from December 14-15th at the Mavs Gaming Training Facility in Dallas, Texas.

Riot Squad secure MDL LAN Finals berth over INTZ while Ben's Anime Team fall to Triumph

The seven-man broadcast team features Peeker's Advantage IGL David "DAVEY" Stafford hosting alongside ESEA's standard casting duo of Mike "DarfMike" Winnick (who will be missing out on the overlapping Fragadelphia 14) and Mitch "MagicHelmet" Langford.

They are joined by the winners of ESEA's Next Big Caster Challenge Jack "wolfy6678" Saunders and Donald "voo" Parkhurst, with the observers for the event remaining unchanged from last season's Global Challenge in the form of Justin "PythianLegume" Glasner and' very own Austin "Boggs" Bogdanovich.

The complete list of talent for the ESEA Global Challenge Season 32 is:

  • ca David "DAVEY" Stafford (Host)
  • us Mike "DarfMike" Winnick (Caster)
  • us Mitch "MagicHelmet" Langford (Caster)
  • uk Jack "wolfy6678" Saunders (Caster)
  • ca Donald "voo" Parkhurst (Caster)
  • us Justin "PythianLegume" Glasner (Observer)
  • us Austin "Boggs" Bogdanovich (Observer)

Prior to the Global Challenge, the MDL finals will also be taking place, with Riot Squad and INTZ battling it out for an automatic promotion to the ESL Pro League. The best-of-five matchup takes place on December 13th alongside the EU MDL final, with Pujan "FNS" Mehta's side starting the series with a 1-0 lead as a result of coming from the upper bracket of MDL playoffs.

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