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ATK withdraw from WESG Regional Finals; Chaos to attend sans wippie
Scheduling and visa issues abound.
Written by: tolkienfanatic    December 1st 2019 1:15 pm    #ATK #EPLS10 #WESG2019 #Chaos #wippie #Shakezullah #Visas #Ben'sAnimeTeam #LiViD  

Shakezullah will step in for wippie in Montreal

Maxim "wippie" Shepelev of Chaos has announced that he will be unable to attend the WESG 2019 Regional Finals in Montreal due to visa issues.

The announcement comes as a bit of a surprise, as ATK had earned the spot at the event after defeating the then-Ben's Anime Team in the Closed Qualifier. However, have been informed that ATK have pulled out of the event due to visa problems of their own, as well as a potential schedule clash with the ESL Pro League Season 10 Finals.

ATK, LiViD, CLG Red, and ANEW move on to WESG Regional Finals

As a result of wippie being unable to get a Canadian visa on such short notice, coach Alan "Shakezullah" Hardeman will take his place in Montreal.

Chaos will attend the WESG Regional Finals with the following roster:

  • us Cameron "cam" Kern
  • ca Joshua "steel" Nissan
  • us Gage "Infinite" Green
  • us Ben "ben1337" Smith
  • us Alan "Shakezullah" Hardeman

The WESG Regional Finals are set to take place from December 7-8th, and will now see Chaos take on LiViD in the men's tournament. As for the female tournament, heavy favorites CLG Red will be playing against ANEW.

The winners of each match will punch their tickets to China for the WESG 2019 World Finals.

Report: ATK to attend ESL Pro League

#1 006_tv
2019-12-01 15:40
good thing shake played a lot before
#2 iMarbot
2019-12-01 22:02
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