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CLG Red invited to NEST Pro Series DIVINA Finals
The American women join Besiktas as the two invited sides to the event.
Written by: tolkienfanatic    November 29th 2019 9:00 pm    #CLGRed #ZOWIE #DIVINA #NESTProSeries #Besiktas #TYLOOfe #HelixSquad #Sway #WESG2019  

CLG Red will look to claim another international title

CLG Red have been invited the the NEST Pro Series DIVINA Finals, ZOWIE DIVINA announced earlier today.

CLG Red are joined by European side Besiktas as the two invites to the $10,000 event, along with three qualified Asian sides.

missharvey rejoins CLG in new role

The team list for the event is as follows:

eu Besiktas us CLG Red
th Helix Squad cn Sway
cn TYLOO fe

Of the three qualified sides, only two will proceed to the main event, with a final qualification round set to be played before the double-elimination bracket commences.

According to CLG Red member Emma "Emy" Choe, CLG Red will be jetting off to Suzhou, China directly after the team participates in the WESG Regional Finals in Montreal the weekend of December 7-8th.

CLG Red dominate European opposition to claim Copenhagen Games title

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