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FPL Recap - no_one in particular wins second week of November
The former subtLe player has continued to top the leaderboards with 16 matches last week.
Written by: Mnmzzz    November 19th 2019 1:13 am    #FACEIT #FPL #no_one #CeRq #wrath #leo_druNky #Laski #crashies #ShahZaM #Luken #boltz #neptune #Xeppaa #yel #Keiti #vanity #oBo #s0m #c4Lypso #FaNg #FNS #n0thing #wippie  

The second week of November FPL has come to a close, with Matthew "no_one" Congdon finishing on the top of the board with 12 matches won.

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The top twenty players from November 11-18 are:

Rank Player Points Prize
1. us Matthew "no_one" Congdon 1,562 $3,000
2. bg Tsvetelin "CeRq" Dimitrov 1,555 $2,000
3. us Collin "wrath" McSweegan 1,542 $1,000
4. br Leonardo "leo_druNky" Oliveira 1,534 $800
5. us Leonardo "Laski" Arroyo 1,533 $700
6. us Austin "crashies" Roberts 1,532 $600
7. us Shahzeb "ShahZaM" Khan 1,529 $500
8. ar Luca "Luken" Nadotti 1,529 $500
9. br Ricardo "boltz" Prass 1,526 $450
10. us Jason "neptune" Tran 1,526 $450
11. us Erick Xeppaa" Bach 1,524  
12. br Gustavo "yel" Knittel  1,524  
13. us Kaitlin "Keiti" Boop 1,516  
14. us Anthony "vanity" Malaspina 1,512  
15. us Owen "oBo" Schlatter 1,512  
16. us Sam "s0m" Oh  1,512  
17. ca Abdo "c4Lypso" Agha 1,510  
18. ca Justin "FaNg" Coakley 1,508  
19. ca Pujan "FNS" Mehta 1,508  
20. us Jordan "n0thing" Glibert 1,506  

The leaderboard for the above week can be found here.

no_one finished the week seven points ahead of Evil Geniuses player Tsvetelin "CeRq" Dimitrov. This week also saw Swole Patrol player Collin "wrath" McSweegan finish in third after playing  20 matches.

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Elsewhere in the leaderboard, Sharks player Luca "Luken" Nadotti claimed the highest winrate this week, winning five out of his six matches to finish one percent ahead of CeRq with an 83% win rate. This week was also well represented by Brazilian players, with INTZ duo Ricardo "boltz" Prass and Gustavo "yel" Knittel  being joined by Sharks player Leonardo "leo_druNky" Oliveira.

The top players of November are currently:

Rank Player Points
1. us Matthew "no_one" Congdon   1,726
2. us Austin "crashies" Roberts 1,692
3. us Shahzeb "ShahZaM" Khan 1,668
4. us Anthony "vanity" Malaspina  1,654
5. ru Maxim "wippie" Shepelev 1,626

The FPL leaderboard for the month of November can be found here.

Matthew "no_one" Congdon managed to hold onto his first place spot two weeks into the month, although he lost a few points due to his 75% win rate. The only other notable change saw Austin "crashies" Roberts and Shahzeb "ShahZaM" Khan swap places after he finished three points ahead of ShahZaM this week.

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