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WINNERS League Invite Season 3 Week 3-4 Recap: Favorites remain ahead
The midway point has been reached in the WINNERS League season and favorites are continuing to win.
Written by: Boggs    November 18th 2019 4:47 pm    #WINNERSLeague #FACEIT #ATK #Mythic #Ascent #INTZ #BigFrames #Faint #MAC-51 #Singularity #BushidoBoyz #RiotSquad #eUnited #oNe #CLGRed #Chaos #Monstars #WhateverItTakes #Rugratz #SwolePatrol #NewEnglandWhalers #LiViD #RapGang #Triumph #Clarity  

Weeks 3 and 4 of WINNERS League Invite Season 3 have wrapped up and the midway point of the season has been reached. 

WINNERS League Season 3 Invite Week 1-2 Recap: Faint and Rugratz lead the pack

Kicking off with Group A, Oceanus have snagged first in the standings after a forfeit win over Defy and a 16-6 victory against Big Frames, while ex-Ascent, ATK, and Mythic are all tied for second with a 2-0 record. Moving to Group B, Singularity have pulled ahead to first following the withdrawal of Bushido Boyz and Rebirth, in addition to Hyper's departure earlier in the season. 

Group C was the least active of the groups over the past two weeks, with Chaos drawing level with eUnited for first, while oNe returned to Brazil and pulled out of the league. Lastly, in Group D, Rugratz maintain their hold on first while Triumph tied Swole Patrol for second. 

Divine respond to zander's allegations of non-payment

Group A W-L Group B W-L
ca Oceanus 3-1 us Singularity 5-0
us Ascent 2-0 us MAC-51 4-0
us ATK 2-0 us Faint 4-1
us Mythic 2-0 us Riot Squad 3-1
us Clarity 1-2 us Good Game PR 3-2
us DEFY 1-3 us Rebirth 2-5
us Big Frames 0-4 us Bushido Boyz 1-6
br INTZ 0-1 us Hyper 0-7
Group C W-L Group D W-L
us Chaos 3-0 us Rugratz 3-0
us eUnited 3-0 us Triumph 2-0
us CLG Red  2-1 us Swole Patrol 2-0
us Monstars 1-1 us Pug It Out 1-1
us 7Sins 1-1 us Rap Gang 1-1
us Whatever It Takes 1-2 br New England Whalers 1-2
us iNTACT 1-2 ca LiViD 1-3
br oNe  1-6 us Dignitas fe  0-4

Some notable matchups scheduled for the upcoming week are:

Matchup Date Time
us Ascent vs. us ATK Nov. 19th    10PM EST
us ATK vs. us Mythic Nov. 20th  8PM EST
us ATK vs. us Clarity  Nov. 20th  10PM EST
br INTZ  vs. ca Oceanus  Nov. 20th  11PM EST

Ascent players exploring options as contracts expire

#1 nguyen
2019-11-18 16:52
Rap gang vs swole today at 9
#2 NEXlevel_TV
2019-11-18 16:53
Ascent vs. ATK is Wednesday the 20th at 10pm est.
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