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INTZ demolish Triumph to secure MDL Finals spot
In December, INTZ will face Riot Squad once again to attempt to reclaim their EPL spot.
Written by: Mnmzzz    November 10th 2019 11:55 pm    #ESEAMDLS32 #Triumph #INTZ #Rugratz  

yel led INTZ in their one-sided victory over Triumph

The final matches of ESEA MDL Season 32 have concluded, with Brazilian squad INTZ overcoming Triumph in the consolidation final to secure a spot in the offline finals. 

Riot Squad secure MDL LAN Finals berth over INTZ while Ben's Anime Team fall to Triumph

The first series of the day saw Triumph take down Rugratz after two close series on Vertigo and Mirage. On Vertigo, Rugratz got off to a confident start as they claimed six out of the first eight rounds in a row on their T-side before holding onto their lead and winning the half 10-5.

After the two squads switched sides, Triumph quickly closed the round deficit, outpacing Rugratz to tie the map at 12-12. After this, Rugratz nearly won the map outright as they found 15 rounds first however Triumph were able to force the map into overtime after winning the last two rounds in a row. In overtime, Triumph ended the back and forth map as they pulled off a perfect run of four rounds to claim Vertigo 19-15.

Moving onto Mirage, although Rugratz started off the half by winning their CT-side pistol and the following three rounds, once Triumph's economy was in order they quickly outpaced Rugratz to secure a 9-6 lead at the half. Following this, the second half was far more scrappy, but the two sides trading off rounds before Triumph ultimately pulled ahead, winning Mirage 16-13. During the series Logan "Voltage" Long put up a massive performance with a 90.5 KAST percentage and a 1.56 rating.

ESEA MDL Season 32 North America
Best of three maps
2 - 0
de_vertigo 19 - 15 de_vertigo
de_mirage 16 - 13 de_mirage
de_overpass de_overpass

The Quest Triumph in finding a new home

After struggling against Rugratz, Triumph were in for a rough series against INTZ as the Brazilians all put in strong performances to claim a quick 2-0 against Triumph. 

Starting on Vertigo, Triumph began the map winning  the first three rounds in a row on their T-side. However after this, INTZ ran away with the map, decimating Triumph as they won the next sixteen rounds in a row to close out the map without much trouble.

After this, Triumph gave a better account of themselves on Mirage as they battled INTZ to end the half down just three rounds. However, like on Vertigo once INTZ got into gear they ran away with the map, winning six rounds in a row on their CT-side before trading the last two rounds to take the map 16-7.

ESEA MDL Season 32 North America
Best of three maps
2 - 0
de_vertigo 16 - 3 de_vertigo
de_mirage 16 - 7 de_mirage
de_nuke de_nuke

With their one-sided victory over Triumph, INTZ have secured the last finals spot, which is set to play out offline on December 13th in Dallas. It will determine whether Riot Squad or INTZ will immediately qualify for ESL Pro League Season  11, or whether they will battle in relegation for one of three spots.

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