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Advanced Season 32 heads to playoffs
MAC-1 and Gorilla Gang finished in sole possession of first place with a 14-2 record.
Written by: Boggs    November 12th 2019 12:46 pm    #ESEA #ESEAAS32 #GorillaGang #iNTACT #ThunderLogic #Faint #Oceanus #Clarity #absolutemadlads #Recon5 #Brazen #Rebirth #Precision #ETHEREAL #timbermen #DrawntoFulfillment #GoodGamePR #AdAstra  

Gorilla Gang to MDL?

The regular season of ESEA Advanced has concluded with sixteen teams qualifying for the playoffs. Gorilla Gang held onto first place with a 14-2 record, and were trailed by iNTACT, Thunder Logic, and Faint, with each team losing only three matches throughout the season.

The Quest Triumph in finding a new home

The top 16 teams of ESEA Advanced Season 32, with ties taken into account, are as follows:

Rank Team Wins Losses
1. us Gorilla Gang 14 2
2. us iNTACT 13 3
3. us Thunder Logic 13 3
4. us Faint 13 3
5. us Clarity 12 4
6. ca Oceanus 12 4
7. ca absolute mad lads 11 5
8. us Recon 5 11 5
9. us Brazen 11 5
10. us Rebirth 11 5
11. ca DEFY 10 6
12. us Precision 10 6
13. us ETHEREAL 10 6
14. us Drawn to Fulfillment 10 6
15. us Good Game PR 10 6
16. us timbermen 10 6

The full standings can be found here.

The first round of the upper bracket is set to commence on November 13th, with the finals having to take place by December 8th, due to the MDL Relegation tournament starting the following day on December 9th.

The winner of Advanced will claim a spot in MDL, while the following four or five teams will get another shot at the higher division through Relegation.

MDL Season 32 regular season concludes; MAC-51 narrowly net eighth seed

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2019-11-12 18:05
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2019-11-13 08:57
Pictures of Mac screaming will never get old
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