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Riot Squad and Dogs of War top second WESG qualifiers
With the last qualifiers come to an end, the American and Canadian Closed Qualifier team lists have been settled.
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Riot Squad bested eUnited to guarantee a spot in the American Closed Qualifier

The second American and Canadian WESG open qualifiers have come a close, with Riot Squad and a Dogs of War mix joining the list of teams in the Closed Qualifier.

Ben's Anime Team and LiViD advance to WESG Closed Qualifier

The first two rounds of the American qualifier went as expected, with a number of MDL and EPL squads advancing without much trouble. Continuing on, the first upsets began to roll in as Divine sent ATK into the lower bracket with a 16-8 win, while eUnited narrowly took a 16-14 win over Ascent.

In the upper bracket semi-finals, Riot Squad surprised with a 16-14 win over Envy while eUnited made quick work of Divine with a 16-9 victory.

In the winners' final, Riot Squad managed to claim another close win over an EPL squad as they bested eUnited 16-14 to make their way into the finals.

Swole Patrol buffs up with kaboose, oderus, and wrath

In the lower bracket, a number of teams started to drop out with Singularity taking down ATK 16-13 on Train before picking up a forfeit win over Ascent. Their run came to an end as Envy bested them with a 16-12 victory on Dust2.

The remainder of the lower bracket saw Divine claim another scalp as they found a 22-18 overtime win over Swole Patrol before they were eliminated by Envy. 

In the loser's final, eUnited dominated Envy, securing a 10-5 CT-side on Nuke, before taking the map 16-11.

Drone leaves Peeker's Advantage; team to play out season with Mauisnake

In the finals, eUnited looked keen to take revenge on Riot Squad as they claimed a decisive 16-6 victory on Overpass. However, Riot Squad were quick to answer back as Jonathan "Jonji" Carey led the way for his team to secure a 16-4 win on Inferno. 

With the series 2-1 in Riot Squad's favor, they continued to put up a strong performance, claiming an 11-4 half with a strong CT-side. After switching sides, eUnited kept things competitive but they never managed to take the lead as Riot Squad claimed the map 16-11.

With the second qualifier wrapped, the results look as follows:

1st - us Riot Squad (ptr, mitch, crashies, FNS, Jonji) - Closed Qualifier
2nd - us eUnited (Cooper-, MarKE, food, vanity, freakazoid) - 12 points
3rd - us Envy (Nifty, s0m, ANDROID, FugLy, ryann) - 6 points
4th - us Divine (Hunter, zander, bul, roca, Junior) - 3 points
5th - us Singularity (dapr, Relyks, seb, dazzLe, moose) - 1 point
6th - us Swole Patrol (swag, neptune, kaboose, oderus, wrath) - 1 point

As a result, the complete list of teams for the Closed Qualifier looks as follows:

us Ben's Anime Team us Riot Squad
us ATK us eUnited
us Ascent us Envy

Ascent add PwnAlone, Just Swing take on maazy and bring back Slash

Moving onto the Canadian qualifier, notable results did not come until the semi-finals where Dogs of War made quick work of Nobu with a 16-4 win while surprisingly Durham Lords took down Oceanus 16-11. In the winners' final, Dogs of War continued their strong performance as they smashed Durham Lords 16-8.

In the lower bracket, after Oceanus picked up a 16-4 win against Dans ta yeule, they exited the qualifier after being bested by October's Very Own. The lower bracket was rounded out by October's Very Own besting Durham Lords 16-12.

In the finals, Dogs of War crushed October's Very Own on Train, winning their T-side 10-5 before putting up a perfect CT-side to claim the map 16-5.

m1cks parts ways with eUnited

Moving onto Dust2, October's Very Own managed to get back into the series as they found an 8-7 CT-side before narrowly winning their T-side to take the map 16-13. 

After this, Dogs of War started off Inferno with a strong T-side, winning the half 10-5. After switching sides, October's Very Own won six out of the first seven rounds in a row to take the lead for the first time in the half. However, after this they seemingly began to run out of steam as Dogs of War outpaced them to take the map 16-13.

With the second Canadian qualifier wrapped, the results look as follows:

1st - ca Dogs of War (theguy, daf, Temperature, Florgy, stealthy) - Closed Qualifier 
2nd - ca October's Very Own (W0rstplayer, idk anymore, ARZEEEE, jexxey, Penny) - 12 points
3rd - ca Durham Lords (Jacky, Bubby, DankDynasty, SNOOZER314, eschew) - 6 points
4th - ca Oceanus (KOLER, Melio, J0LZ, tENSKI, KmZ) - 3 points
5th - ca Dans ta yeule (YuZ, 1kdz, sup3rant, dav0ke, Yonj) - 1 point
6th - ca The Gaming Stadium (leak1, Jerk, emins, mxj, Freinzy) - 1 point

As a result, the complete list of teams for the Canadian Closed Qualifier looks as follows:

ca Dogs of War ca LiViD
ca October's Very Own ca Oceanus
ca Durham Lords ca Able 

FPL-C Recap - dangle holds off kobruh

Both regions closed qualifiers are set to begin on November 3rd, with one team from each region qualifying to a regional LAN final which will determine which team will advance to represent North America in WESG 2019.

#1 006_tv
2019-10-27 10:38
Where’s big dad OCEAN :(

Surprised Divine did so well, good for them
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