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Dignitas fe and ANEW top final online qualifiers for WESG
Low turnouts and one-sided matches abounded in each regions' second open qualifier.
Written by: Mnmzzz    October 27th 2019 12:44 pm    #WESG #WESGCanada #WESG2020 #WESGUSA #WESGOpenQualifier #Dignitasfe #Royalty #washed #Monopoly #ANEW #LiViDfe  

Dignitas breezed through the American qualifier

The second female American and Canadian WESG open qualifiers have come to an end with Dignitas fe and ANEW winning their respective qualifiers amidst small fields.

CLG Red and Able fe claim WESG Closed Qualifier berths

Like the previous American qualifier only four teams signed up, with Dignitas fe starting things off with a quick 16-2 victory over washed. On the other side of the bracket Royalty managed to claim a 22-19 win over Monopoly.

After this, the qualifier became embroiled in a bit of controversy as after Monopoly bested washed 16-13 in the lower bracket, Royalty disputed the team's eligibility alleging that one of Monopoly's players were male.

Due to there only being one CEVO admin online at the time the dispute took multiple hours to resolve, with the admin ruling that Monopoly would be disqualified due to not being able to prove the legal gender of their player.

Continuing through the lower bracket, Royalty made quick work of washed, claiming a quick 16-1 victory on Mirage to move onto the grand finals.

In the grand finals, Dignitas fe and Royalty agreed to play out a best of three series instead of a best of five due to the delay. Dignitas fe ended the grand finals swiftly on Overpass as they crushed Royalty 16-3 to claim a 2-0 with their advantage coming from the upper bracket. 

With the second qualifier wrapped, the results look as follows:

1st - us Dignitas fe  (rain, artStar, milk, Theia, EMUHLEET) - Closed Qualifier
2nd - us Royalty (Medicie, Shuume, starishkitty, giraffely, lunarkats) - 12 points
3rd - us washed (ProMise9k, Rice., exhilation, Snowwi, moogs) - 6 points
4th - us Monopoly (lxisha, bungee-, CasparChance, SamanthaG, Haleigh) - 3 points

Singularity set to play second WESG qualifier with moose

With the second qualifier concluded, the complete list of teams for the Closed Qualifier looks as follows:

us CLG Red us Dignitas fe
us Royalty us washed
us Monopoly

Swole Patrol field wrath, oderus, kaboose in WINNERS League opening matchup

Moving onto the Canadian qualifier, as ANEW and LiViD fe were the only teams to sign for the open qualifier, only one series was played.

Starting on Nuke, ANEW mounted a strong T-side that saw them end the half up 11-4. After switching sides, LiViD fe managed to close the gap however ANEW prevailed, taking the map 16-11.

On Overpass, ANEW continued to put on a strong performance as they  once again claimed another 11-4 half this time on their CT-side, before taking the map 16-9 without much trouble.

With ANEW up 2-0, they continued to carry their momentum onto Inferno as after another on-sided 12-3 half, ANEW won the map 16-5.

Therefore, the result of the second qualifier was:

1st - ca ANEW (missharvey, athxna, Bouchard, Naomi, Kionetta) - Closed Qualifier
2nd - ca LiViD fe (Alexe1337, MF-, Rockette, mawie, meg4n) - 12 points

Drone leaves Peeker's Advantage; team to play out season with Mauisnake

With the second qualifier concluded, the complete list of teams for the Closed Qualifier looks as follows:

ca Able fe ca ANEW
ca LiViD fe

FPL-C Recap - dangle holds off kobruh

Both regions closed qualifiers are set to begin on November 3rd, with one team from each region qualifying to a regional LAN final which will determine which team will advance to represent North America in WESG 2019.

Update: has learned that washed did not file a dispute regarding the gender of one of Monopoly's players. We apologize for the error and the article has been to updated to reflect the fact that it was  Royalty that disputed the player's eligibility.

#1 iMarbot
2019-10-27 12:51
WESG and NA teams not signing up to the qualifiers, name a more iconic duo...
#2 006_tv
2019-10-27 14:32
North and wheelchair
#3 iMarbot
2019-10-27 17:08
>EU memes on dust2.US
#4 006_tv
2019-10-27 20:59
memes are a unifying force
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2019-10-28 21:28
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